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The ultimate hot chocolate

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This week, Lis from Food Stuff Finds has scoured the internet to find ten recipes perfect for autumn evenings – Halloween, Bonfire Night and beyond!


The clocks have gone back and the nights are officially dark. Before it is all brightened up with Christmas lights (if I dare mention that) there are a couple of fun events to help us enjoy the season. Halloween and Bonfire Night give us an opportunity for fun autumn evenings, but both need some special food to indulge and keep you warm when it gets cold. I have been browsing blogs looking for some interesting ideas for inspiration…

  • When the fireworks are about to be set off you need some food to fight the cold, and I don’t think it gets better than Belleau Kitchen’s slow-cooked panang curry pulled pork with a coconut curry sauce. They are served in wholemeal pitta breads too, perfect finger food for outside, and with a nice asian fusion twist.
  • To drink a warming beverage for watching the fireworks could be a nice hot chocolate. Finding a decent one can be a bit of a challenge I know, but I’ve noticed that there isn’t always a correlation between price and taste. Chocolate Log Blog has been trying out a few different varieties to find the most soothing drink.
  • If you have been cold outside and want some seasonal soup to warm you up, then Hungry Healthy Happy has been celebrating the humble autumn vegetable. This recipe for spicy carrot and lentil soup looks like the perfect cure for the post fireworks cold weather chills.
  • Talking of autumnal vegetable I really can’t write this article without including a pumpkin blog post in celebration of Halloween. How To Cook Good Food has a lovely recipe for pumpkin blondies, which looks like the perfect tray bake for those of you who have hollowed out a pumpkin and were wondering what to do with its contents.
  • My favourite spice in the world is without doubt cinnamon. I am a cinnamon junkie, and love it sprinkled heavily on toast and honey. One of the best things about autumn is that it seems to be the unofficial cinnamon season, so I had to include a cinnamon treat. I’m also a bit of a chocolate addict, so I think it safe to say Iced Jems recipe for cinnamon pretzel Twixes is one of my favourite recipes, well… ever!
  • Spectre, does not share my feelings on cinnamon, and doesn’t even like it mixed with apple. Quite shocking I know, but Franglais Kitchen came up with an alternative way of spicing up an apple cake with innovative rooibos tea.
  • You can be healthy and have a sweet tooth. I’m loving the look of the autumnal fruit salad put together by Madhouse Family Reviews. I’ve seen sharon fruit / persimmon in restaurants, but never been brave enough to purchase them before. I’m going to have to give them a try now.
  • Let’s not forget I am a foodie/snack product review blogger, so if you are after buying some goodies for the season, Kev’s Snack Reviews has had a look at some of the goodies on supermarket shelves for Halloween. Seriously, who wouldn’t want green slime cookies?
  • If you are looking for an indulgent treat just for yourself, than it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t recommend something chocolaty too. Chocolate Mission has been trying out the new Salted Caramel bar from Lindt, and gave it the thumbs up. Perfect if your plans simply involve watching the Halloween special of Strictly and you want a sweet toothed treat.
  • However if your plans involve sticking on a scary movie, why not indulge with your own home made popcorn. A Strong Coffee shows there are more popcorn choices than just sweet or salty with this chocolate and marshmallow rocky road mix.


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