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This week’s Ten at Ten comes from Janice at Farmersgirl Kitchen, and it’s a round up of ten of her favourite slow cooked finds.

over to janice…

I got a Slow Cooker last Christmas, mainly because of work that was planned for my kitchen. It stood me in good stead through the three months when I didn’t have an oven and, to spur me on, I started a month blog event: The Slow Cooked Challenge. Here are some Foodies 100 bloggers with a wealth of experience in slow cooking.

  • Recipes from a Pantry is the place where Bintu combines stunning photographs with great recipes, many inspired by her Sierra Leone heritage. Slow cooker curried tomato soup is perfect for a warming lunch and takes only 4 hours in the slow cooker.
  • Fab Food 4 All creates some amazing slow cooked recipes, a recent favourite is slow cooker double chocolate speculoos puddle pudding a glorious creation oozing with biscuit and chocolate flavoured sauce.
  • Hungry Healthy Happy celebrated autumn by bringing out the slow cooker and cooking up slow cooker balsamic chicken which, at only 293 calories a portion is definitely something to celebrate!
  • Cakeyboi is the place to go for sweet treats and this easy apple butter is no exception. The slow cooker makes light work of this lovely preserve.
  • Frugal Queen is somewhere I don’t visit often enough. It’s full of just the kind of simple, no waste tips and recipes that I enjoy and I would certainly enjoy slow cooked gammon, everything in one pot – dinner sorted!
  • Lavender and Lovage: Karen is a regular entrant to my blog challenge and always makes delicious slow cooked dishes with beautiful photographs, sticky christmas marmalade chicken is no exception.
  • Elizabeth’s Kitchen loves the forgiving nature of the slow cooker which allows her to do other things while dinner is cooking. Slow cooked rolled brisket with red wine and thyme looks like a perfect weekend lunch or dinner to return to after a busy day of activity.
  • Eat your Veg is a pleasure to read, I like the family stories and family-friendly recipes and this slow cooked oxtail stew is a perfect filler for a hungry family.
  • Belleau Kitchen is full of slow cooked recipes, but Dominic has only recently acquired an electric slow cooker. Dom has taken to his Slow Cooker like a duck to water, and his bonfire bangers, pumpkin and lentil stew is a real winter warmer.
  • Kavey Eats always has a great mix of recipes and reviews. Recently she reviewed Slow Cooked by Miss South (my current go-to Slow Cooking book) and made slow cooked carbonnade of beef and little mustard toasts, it looks amazing.

What will you be making in your slow cooker this weekend?

Janice Pattie aka Farmersgirl Kitchen shares recipes and reviews from her farmhouse kitchen in the south west of Scotland. Follow her on Twitter @FarmersgirlCookFacebookPinterest and Instagram.


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  1. What a fabulous list of slow recipes and as an avid fan of slow cooking, I’m bookmarking some of these!
    Thanks so much for including my sticky marmalade chicken to the round up here.

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