Ten at Ten: Festive Bakes and Desserts



It’s less than a week to go until Christmas and this week’s Ten at Ten comes from Stuart at Cakeyboi. Stuart, whose mince pie and custard bars look awesome,has chosen his favourite festive bakes and desserts.

over to stuart…

I love seeing all the sweet treats everyone conjures up at this time of year. Christmas really does seem to bring out the creativity in everyone. And in some cases, like me, brings out the big kid in us. With that in mind here are a few tempting bakes and desserts from a few Foodies100 bloggers.

  •  Kevin at The Crafty Larder made mini gingerbread houses after buying the cutters on-line. So cute, they would make a great tree decoration or gift or, as Kevin says, hooked on the edge of a coffee cup.
  • Angela at Garden Tea Cakes and Me made Christmas fudge with cranberries. In the fudge there is, apart from the cranberries, Christmas punch flavoured icing sugar. Fudge is good at any time, but with these added elements I bet even better!
  • Dom at Belleau Kitchen also bought cute cutters online and made festive jumper shaped cookies. Although not intentional he posted these on Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day, a very worthwhile cause.
  • Kat, The Baking Explorer, made a scrummy looking chocolate roulade filled with Baileys cream to take to a friend’s house. She saw Mary Berry make this at the BBC Good Food Cakes and Bakes Show and was inspired to try it herself. I’m sure Kat’s friend was very grateful!
  • Janice at Farmersgirl Kitchen made a chocolate mincemeat tart recently. She loves mincemeat in desserts but finds the small pies have too much pastry and not enough filling. This recipe with an instant chocolate mincemeat certainly combats that problem.
  • ‘Fanny’ at Keep Calm and Fanny On made Fanny Craddock’s recipe for flapjacks. Not what you might be thinking though! These are actually pancakes which our ‘Fanny’ has made into Christmas Tree shapes. How fun would these be on Christmas morning?
  • Louise at Crumbs and Corkscrews made these dinky little Christmas tree meringues. Louise always has stunning pictures on her blog and these are no exception. The trees are really fun and quite easy to make too.
  • Kellie at Food to Glow always makes delicious healthy food over at her blog and these raw red velvet brownies look perfect for this time of year with their stunning red hue. Made from only raw ingredients, these are a treat you can enjoy without too much guilt.
  • Lisa at United Cakedom made Christingle ice cream. She explains that chocolate oranges were only available at Christmas time in her native US and she loved it when she moved to the UK and could buy them at any time. She decided to make a chocolate orange ice cream as an homage and called it Christingle after the traditional Christmas Orange.
  • Ros at The More Than Occasional Baker made stained glass cookie decorations for her tree. I’ve always wanted to try these myself. Ros crushed up sweets and popped these into her cookie cut-outs and they melted down to give a stained glass effect. They look great with the light shining through.


These are just a few ideas to get you inspired this festive season. Merry Christmas everybody and happy baking!

Thanks Stuart for your baking inspiration! We’re going to get our apron on and bake bake bake this Christmas! You can follow Stuart on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. If you’d like to compile and write a Ten at Ten, email the Foodies100 editor Alison Perry at foodies@fleaenterprises.com.




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