In The Kitchen… With Tracey From It’s Not Easy Being Greedy

Inside food bloggers' kitchens....
Welcome to a brand new monthly feature on Foodies100 – In The Kitchen! We’ll be meeting a different food blogger each month and asking them to show us their favourite tools and gadgets around their kitchen. Everyone loves a good nosey in someone else’s house, right?
First up we are meeting Tracey from It’s Not Easy Being Greedy. Tracey is a self confessed greedy guts! “I am always thinking about my next meal,” she says, “even when I am eating my current one. I cook from scratch every day, and I think it is fair to say that I live to eat, and generally enjoy every mouthful … as long as the cats don’t pinch bits of my dinner first … and as long as there is no mushroom, marzipan or rocket involved.”

Let’s see where the magic happens!


 Inside a food blogger's kitchen...


Firstly, something which is not actually in my kitchen: my bespoke bookshelves. I was watching my favourite Nigella Lawson on television a couple of years ago, and saw she had some very similar shelves in her house for her cookbooks. Until then, I’d been suffering from a lack of shelf space in the kitchen and so it seemed like the perfect solution to build some beautiful shelves in our living room. My cookbooks take up two full shelves, and I am slowly evicting my fiction collections too … I compromised on the shelves by allowing my boyfriend to store some pretty bottles of booze and a collection of decanters on the top shelves!



I love my Emma Bridgewater polka dots crockery. Ever since I first saw the polka dot collection, I have been an avid collector – although the items are obviously not cheap, they are not so expensive that you can only save them for best. I started with teacups and saucers (bought for me by my boyfriend one birthday), and have progressed to purchasing almost every item of crockery which comes in a polka dot design. Pretty much everything comes from the seconds section of the Emma Bridgewater website – so it’s discounted from full price, yet I’ve never been able to work out what minor imperfection makes it a second.




This Nespresso coffee machine is a bit of an old dinosaur as I have had it for years. I had wanted a fancy coffee machine for a long time, and my boyfriend discovered Nespresso: he knew I’d want something which was easy to maintain and use, without an integrated milk frother (I always imagine they would make the cleaning process much more difficult). Since then, I’ve woken up to a tasty cup of coffee every day, and often have a decaf one in the evening while I’m preparing dinner. I like to use the Aerocino to warm up the milk to go into my coffee, but I cut out sugar in drinks last year so never add anything sweet. You can also buy Nespresso-compatible capsules from other coffee companies, and I have reviewed a couple of them on my blog.



I am saving the best for last here – my beloved KitchenAid freestanding mixer. Actually I also own the food processor and hand blender (all in almond), and I pine for the kettle and toaster set – I think the design of KitchenAid’s appliances is beautiful and elegant, and it was a very happy day in my kitchen when I eventually decided to treat myself to my freestanding mixer, which I’d visited in John Lewis on many occasions, trying to justify to myself the cost in such an extravagant purchase. I have never regretted that purchase: I use it every week at least to mix cakes, bread dough and whip cream, and I also have the attachment to roll and cut pasta.




Thanks to Tracey for showing us around her kitchen! You can check out her blog at, follow her on Twitter and Facebook

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