Celebrate St. David’s Day with traditional Welsh dishes


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Today Ruth from Let Her Eat Clean is sharing some fabulous Welsh inspired dishes to help us celebrate St. David’s Day.

Over to Ruth:

Since leaving school (too long ago now) there seems less of an opportunity to celebrate St David’s Day. At a much younger age there would be traditional dress up, Eisteddfods and patriotic celebration. But the way I like to welcome St David’s Day into our house these days is through the kitchen. So grab yourself a bunch of daffodils (which look surprisingly simple and beautiful on the kitchen table in just a pint glass of water) and give one of these traditional recipes a go:


The Boy And Me’s Welsh Cakes

There’s absolutely no excuse for not making one of the simplest and most delicious Welsh recipes around. A perfect one to teach small people – especially if they’ve never tried them before. The texture is nigh on impossible to describe aside from it being quite frankly delicious and really the only way to truly appreciate it, is popping one in your mouth.


Thinly Spread’s Dragon Pie

With a promise of fire breathing powers in just one bite why not give this not entirely traditional vegetarian dish a go. And who knew The Chinese call aduki beans ‘red dragon’? You do now!


Fuss Free Flavour’s Leek & Spring Green Risotto

As much a national emblem as a dragon, a St David’s Day without leeks is quite frankly like chips without salt and vinegar. This beautifully bright and green-laden dish from Fuss Free Flavours feels like the perfect way to coax in Spring.


A traditional Welsh Rarebit with a twist from Lavender and Lovage

You can pretty much cook Welsh Rarebit (a sort of pimped up and slightly gooer cheese on toast if you will) any which way with the very straight forward basic ingredients to hand. Lavender and Lovage gives it a spicier kick with her recipe.


Pie for the day from Food Genie

The Irish and the Welsh have always been known to get on well (except during Six Nations clashes) so it’s deliciously fitting that Food Genie’s St David’s Day pie brings together a hearty potato and leek combination. Looks like quite the filler I’m sure you’ll agree.


Bara Brith not quite how your Grandmother would have made it from Natural Kitchen Adventures

Alongside Welsh cakes you’ll often find a fruity tea loaf spread with lashings of butter being served around 3pm in the Valleys. Usually baked according to a traditional grain and sugar recipe, hats off to Ceri from Natural Kitchen Adventures who combines her Welsh roots and passion for nutrition and whole foods in this guilt free recipe.


A traditional Cawl from Bev at Eats for Wales

It had to be a Cardiff-based blogger for the piece de resistance of the traditional Welsh recipes that is ‘cawl’. Again, one of those recipes passed down through generations, this dish was originally designed to fill the hearts and stomachs of miners and farmers alike, fuelling them through a day’s work.


Stock up on all Wales’ foodie treats

When I was at university I’d beg for frequent food parcels of my Welsh favourites to be sent – and not just on St David’s Day. Beautiful Welsh producers are now thankfully spreading their wings and feeding families all over the country. I absolutely love the range in Ocado’s newly launched Welsh Shop which means there’s absolutely no excuse not to be spreading the very best Hilltop honey on your toast or treating yourself to a Tregroes toffee waffle dunked in your tea. Just be sure to climb one of Wales’ many mountains to work it all off once you do!


Ruth is 32 and lives with her long-suffering husband in a North Cardiff suburb. In year two of her nutritional therapy studies and a mindfulness novice, Ruth describes herself as a thoughtful foodie with a real lust for life. Often found Tweeting unfortunate mishaps sandwiched between positive affirmations on Twitter, everything Ruth eats for lunch features on Instagram.




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  1. I LOVE this round up. So much love for Welsh inspired food of all varieties. But where is the laverbread & cockles (brave) or faggots and peas (even braver). We always used to get these from Swansea Market! Ah happy days.

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