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Inside food bloggers' kitchens....

Our In The Kitchen feature gives us the opportunity to meet a different food blogger each month and ask them to show us their favourite tools and gadgets around their kitchen. Everyone loves a good nosey in someone else’s house, right?

This month we have a look around the Le Coin de Mel kitchen. Mel’s blog is all about food, allergies, crafts, days out and pretty much everything she get’s up to with her four children. Mel admits to never having read a single blog post until a couple of years ago when her baby was diagnosed with a plethora of allergies. She started blogging not knowing what she was doing but determined to share the experience of living a normal life and enjoying food every day despite life-threatening allergies.

When Mel is not drooling over photos of food on Pinterest or Instagram, she bakes with her children, leafs through cookbooks, thinks about what they are going to eat, have a snack or cook dinner. Oh, and she also talks about food and shares recipes with friends. Mel can spend the whole day in the kitchen without getting fed up and loves cooking for her family, and the children join in, too!

Over to Mel…

My Kitchen - Le Coin de Mel

OK, let me give you a visual tour of my kitchen. I have a large family, but my kitchen is so small it could not possibly fit more than three of us in at the same time. It is more of a corridor than a kitchen, but it is functional and with a bit of organisation, I make it work. It was there when we moved in and it did not need to be replaced so we have not changed a thing. The stove is as basic as it gets but it does a good job. I just wish I had double the amount of work surfaces and storage space. If there are kitchen designers or builders out there who are up for a challenge, I would be happy to let you get creative in there!

My Kitchen - Brown - Le Coin de Mel

As I was taking photos in my kitchen yesterday, I was trying to decide what the dominant colour was in there. I could not find one colour that stood out, but when I started fumbling in cupboards, I realised a lot of it was brown, from the light sandy colour of cereal to the dark brown of chocolate.

My Kitchen - Crockery on Shelves - Le Coin de Mel

I love bowls, plates, cups, dishes… always have, always will. Hubby teases me when I “get the tea set out” (his words, not mine!). I have so much that it does not fit anywhere. These floating shelves are really high, but they are a nice way to always have my pretty crockery displayed above the sink. I like this kind of organised mess.

My Kitchen - Jars - Le Coin de Mel

Jars are also a big part of my kitchen. I have never counted them, but I probably have a hundred or so glass containers of all shapes and sizes. Friends have started buying me pretty ones as presents, my lovely father-in-law keeps honey and coffee jars for me to reuse. I keep baking ingredients in them, food, pegs, sweets, chalks, nuts, crayons, rice. I use them for presents, to freeze baby food, to store homemade treats.

Is there anything worse than a blunt knife or useless potato peeler when you are trying to get dinner ready? I am quite particular about my potato peeler. I need it to be sharp, easy to handle and light enough. My current favourite is from Ikea. It is the best I have ever owned.

My Kitchen - Potato Peeler & Pepper Grinder - Le Coin de Mel

I multitask a lot when I cook, and an electric pepper grinder is a must for me. I have bought many over the years, and they have never lasted very long, but my brother bought me the little beauty pictured above. It is from Peugeot. If they can make good, solid cars, I am sure my pepper grinder should last a very long time!

My new Vitamix Pro 300 is the piece of equipment I use daily in my kitchen. I love it with a passion, and so do my children, who get to choose what they have in their smoothies. Sorry about the blurry picture, but my six year old took the photo of me hugging my Vitamix sat on the kitchen floor (as you do).

My Kitchen - Vitamix - Le Coin de MelThanks to Mel for showing us around her kitchen. To find out more about Mel you can find her at her blog Le Coin de Mel, and follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. Oh love this post and feature so much, your kitchen is lovely and I adore how you use your space so well-I now want pretty jars in my kitchen too! By the way how gorgeous are you, this much I knew, you would make the perfect model for Vitamix xx

    • You are way too kind, ma belle. I am not sure Vitamix would want a tired mama to four as their model, but I like the idea, he he!

  2. I love seeing what other people’s kitchens look like & what gadgets they love. I agree a dull potato peeler is the worst! I love the tile, the backsplash & the butcher block counters. Your kitchen is welcoming, I bet the whole clan hangs out in there with you!

    • You’re right actually, Nikki. The kids keep bringing their little chairs in so they can spy on what I’m doing most of the time. I love it during week-ends, not so much during the week when I can’t move around and have 4 hungry children he he!

  3. Love this Mel. You’ve got some serious talent at making the ordinary extraordinary (potatoes and peppercorns). Your kitchen is perfect and I love the collage of brown ingredients – what an artist you are! I think I’m a little in love with your heart-shaped chalkboard too. xx

    • Ha ha, you made me laugh, sweetie! I did have to give a tiny bit of thought to my potato peeler / pepper grinder shot as they are not exactly your most photogenic items, are they, but I love them so much I wanted them included! The chalkboard was a present from my lovely sister-in-law (from Not on the High Street). xxx

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