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Coconut is certainly gaining popularity at the moment, it appears to be a wonder fruit that can do it all. Eat it, drink it, slather it on your body, is there anything you can’t do with it? Coconut is so versatile it works in both sweet and savoury dishes. We love it so much we have found our ten favourite recipes made using coconut, in it’s various forms, from our foodies100 bloggers.

  • The Worktop’s spelt hot cross buns not only look amazing, they are made with coconut palm sugar. Plus there is a whole host of interesting stories, myths and traditions surrounding hot cross buns with the recipe too.
  • Flapjacks are very popular in our house so I know we would love Over A Cuppa’s coconut flapjacks. These gluten free flapjacks are made with dessicated coconut.
  • I love the sound of this bake;  A Girl & Her Home’s lime and coconut cake, it looks beautiful too. Made with dessicated coconut and another of my favourite baking ingredients, yoghurt.
  • My Fussy Eater has made a quick and easy chicken, coconut and tomato curry . This is a mild curry made with coconut oil and coconut milk and is suitable for the whole family. Ready in less than half an hour this sounds like my ideal meal.
  • I haven’t tried making ice cream with coconut milk yet but Kavey Eat’s chocolate & coconut dairy free ice cream has inspired me, it has so few ingredients it would be silly not to have a go. Oh and it also has rum in it, yum.
  • A great way to start the day, or to hide a few veggies or fruit, is with a smoothie and Julie’s Family Kitchen has made a lovely kiwi, banana and coconut one. Using coconut water the smoothie is ready to drink in minutes.
  • If you have a restricted diet you don’t need to feel left out with The Free From Fairy’s gluten free Easter tea loaf that is nut free, sugar free and soya free.  Made with coconut oil this recipe also includes another up and coming ingredient; kefir, a cultured enzyme rich fermented milk.
  • Soup is my go to lunch when I need something quick and filling so what could be better than a coconut, chilli and sweet potato soup from The Usual Saucepans. It sounds delicious, made with coconut milk it can be given extra spice with more chilli flakes. Mmmm.
  • I can literally taste these coconut oil brownies with maple roasted sweet potato from Veggie Desserts. What an amazing combination. Apparently they have a lovely cakey texture with that classic brownie-esque crispy top. My mouth is watering.
  • Finally we have a gorgeous lemon coconut pull apart bread from Domestic Gothess which looks absolutely heavenly. A double helping of coconut with milk and dessicated coconut this is finished off with a zingy glaze.

If you would like to contribute a Ten at Ten post on your favourite ten recipes, email our editor on foodies100@fleaenterprises.com 

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