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This month’s eating out post comes from Andrea who blogs at Made With Pink and lives in Reigate, Surrey.

I’ve lived in the historic town of Reigate, Surrey with my husband and son for nearly two years. With a population of just under 22,000 and a real hub for foodies, you’ll find Reigate roughly halfway between London and Brighton. We’ve got more than 60 restaurants, cafes and pubs in under a mile, plus two mobile pizza trucks and a monthly street food festival! From Argentinian to Italian, French to Indian, Japanese to Thai, and Nepalese to Mexican, you’re never short for choice. Here are a few of my favourite’s.

Best for Thai  

Giggline Squid

Of the three Thai restaurants all within a few metres of each other, the Giggling Squid is my favourite. Their vast lunchtime combo menu is terrific value, ranging from £7 – £13 and will satisfy your appetite no matter how hungry you are. My favourites are their Pad Thai, Green Curry, and Massaman Curry.

Best for Brunch

Take a morning stroll through Reigate’s gorgeous Priory Park, and then head across the street to the Chalk Hills Bakery for a bite to eat.  My husband is quite partial to their eggs benedict, while I can’t resist their fresh pastries and toast with jam.  If sandwiches are more your thing, they’ve got a reputation for having the best in town. If you prefer to make your own sandwiches, they’ve got an amazing selection of freshly baked bread to take home – just make sure you get there early before they sell out.

Best for Date Night

You may already be familiar with BBC celebrity chef Tony Tobin who staked his claim to fame on TV show Ready Steady Cook, but in Reigate Tony’s claim to fame are his delicious seared scallops which are a staple on a menu that changes seasonally. With dishes like Maple Syrup and Five Spice Duck Breast, and Pan-Roast Fillet of Turbot, the Dining Room rivals any top London restaurant and it’s no wonder it’s rated amongst the top in Reigate, and Surrey.

Best for Chocolate Lovers

If you love chocolate, then this is the place for you!  Once found only in specialty retailers and Waitrose supermarkets, Monty Bojangles award winning chocolate truffles are now served in the one and only Monty Bojangles Chocolate Cafe and Truffle Bar.  Blended in milkshakes, melted on crumpets, topped on cupcakes, or shaved on top of hot chocolate, their moorish chocolate truffles are served more ways than you can count.  If you’re the sensible type, and prefer not have a meal consisting entirely of chocolate, there’s also a great selection of sandwiches, fruit, and other healthy options available.

Best for afternoon coffee…. or an evening tipple  


I discovered their rich and fudgey oreo brownies on a recent visit, and I’m not sure there’s anything that could tempt me to try something different. Cullendars is unique in that it serves a delightful array of homemade pastries, sandwhiches and coffee during the day, and then doubles as a wine bar with nibbley bits Thursday to Saturday evenings. It’s the perfect place to sit back and relax, whether it be with a cup of coffee by day, or a glass of wine by night.

Best for Pizza

Part restaurant, and part deli, Valentina is my choice of the best fresh authentic Italian pizzas in Reigate.  In the front you’ll find a fully stocked Italian deli with a huge selection of pastas, olives, meats, cheeses, and other Italian imports, while the back is home to the restaurant area, complete with patio terrace.  While I’m quite partial to their pizza’s, they serve other Italian classics like pasta, risotto, meat and fish.

Best for Something Special

Family run French restaurant La Barbe has been a fixture on the streets of Reigate for over 30 years and never fails to impress.  If you’re looking for somewhere special to celebrate, then this is your place. The menu is authentic, but not old fashioned and gets overhauled seasonally to ensure there’s always something new.  Make sure to save room for dessert.

Best for Something Different

Consistently voted the best restaurant in Reigate, this Nepalese restaurant serves unbeatable food that’s packed with flavour.  A nice change from your standard Indian (of which Reigate has four), the New Ghurka Kitchen serves a huge array of dishes unique to them, including some fabulous seafood dishes.  The Kukhura, Nepalese Green Chicken and Phewa King Prawns are some of my personal favourites.  A must if you’re in Reigate!

Best for Sunday Roast  

Skimmington Castle

Skimmington Castle, or “The Skim” as it’s referred to by locals is a cozy historic pub that sits upon a hilltop just a 3 minute drive from the high street.  Not only does this place get my vote for serving the best Sunday roast, but it also gets my vote for the best place to bring your children, your dog, and even your horse!  There’s plenty of outdoor seating in both the front and back which is just lovely on a nice day.  If you prefer to eat inside, Sunday booking is essential. Children and dogs are welcome inside, while horses must remain outside for obvious reasons.  The food is delicious, and as close to home cooked as you’ll get.  Sunday roasts are served family style with all the trimmings, and simply can’t be beat.  My son gobbled up a half portion of sausage and chips, while I enjoyed the half chicken Sunday roast. The cauliflower cheese is my favourite!  Portion sizes are more than generous, and at an average of £13, they’re also terrific value. While there isn’t a designated children’s menu, most portions can be halved for half the cost.

Originally from Canada, Andrea now lives in Reigate and commutes to London. When she’s not working, you’ll usually find her in the kitchen baking up delicious creations with her pink kitchenaid. She’s also a late night Pinterest  addict, and lunchtime Instagramer . You can also follow her on Twitter  where she tweets about her love of coffee, the annoyance of peak train travel, as well as her foodie adventures.


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