A Month of Mouth-Watering Chocolate Recipes with Dr Oetker


Dr. Oetker

This month, Foodies100 bloggers have been getting busy in the kitchen with chocolate.

Our community teamed up with the lovely folks at Dr Oetker to create a month’s worth of amazing chocolate bakes, and we’ve rounded them up here to show you – whatever sort of chocolate bake you’re looking to create, you’re sure to find a recipe here that will delight!

Chocolate Cheesecake Recipes

Rich and indulgent, a chocolate cheesecake makes the perfect end to a dinner party, or family gathering. Super Busy Mum’s  stunning chocolate and vanilla cheesecake is decorated with delicate white chocolate hearts, and grated white chocolate. Delicious!

If you prefer something that can be individually served, how about these marbled chocolate cheesecake muffins from Farmersgirl Kitchen – they wouldn’t last long in our house!

From the busy Casa Costello kitchen was a show-stopping white chocolate and lemon cheesecake layer cake, which is smart enough to be served at parties and will look amazing on a party table as the centrepiece.

We also love these marbled chocolate cheesecake muffins from Simply Food – a great option for families, and muffins make a great treat to add to lunchboxes.

Chocolate Muffins, Cookies and Brownies

Inspired by two Dr. Oetker recipes, Keep Up With the Jones Family made pretty orange and lemon white chocolate muffins with chopped up white chocolate, lemon extract and tiny white chocolate hearts in the middle.

From A Strong Coffee we have double chocolate bites which make lovely home made gifts and there is no baking involved which means they are great for children to make.

Baked Potato Mummy made chocolate truffle cookies with dark chocolate and white chocolate chips. Shared with a family friend these cookies were a big hit.

Caramel kiss brownies were Foodie Quine’s choice of bake, the gooey decadent brownies were taken to share at a friend’s 50th birthday party.

Miss Mamo’s World made fabulous looking marbled chocolate cupcakes with a peppermint buttercream. Made with lots of Dr. Oetker’s extra dark chocolate, and white chocolate the end result was delicious apparently.

These triple chocolate truffle cookies from What the Redhead said have generous chunks of milk and white chocolate in them. Yum.

Chocolate Cakes and Cupcake Recipes

ET Speaks From Home made vanilla and white chocolate choux buns and topped them off with Dr. Oetker’s vanilla grinder. These would be absolutely irresistible at a children’s party or a tea party, don’t you think?

Mamma Wears Prada loves baking because she gets to spend time baking with her daughter, and they have made their own version of vanilla and white chocolate choux buns.

Finally we have The Diary of a Jewellery Lover’s chocoholic cupcakes, decorated with milk and white chocolate hearts and polished off quickly by the family.

On a mission to raise the profile of the good old butterfly cake (she gets my vote) Jo’s Kitchen has an amazing recipe for chocolate butterfly cakes finishing them off with gold and silver edible pearls.

Lilinha Angel’s World made a delicious chocolate heart shortbread sandwich using melted chocolate and chocolate hearts to decorate the biscuits.

Red devilish chocolate cake was generously whipped up by Mummy Mishaps to help celebrate a house warming at a friend’s new abode.

An eat your heart out, heart shaped chocolate cake finished off with yummy chocolate buttercream and decorated with chocolate hearts and silver balls was made by Inside the Wendy House. What a fabulous option for a party or special occasion!

An amazing ultimate Super Mario Bros birthday cake from Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary was made using several layers of cake including a chocolate layer using Dr. Oetker cocoa powder and a Dr. Oetker’s lemon Madeira cake.

Dr. Oetker

Quick Chocolate Treats

Our bloggers came up with some super creative chocolatey treats for you to try. A cross between a Bounty and a Twix is the best way to describe Cherished By Me’s very more-ish coconut chocolate bars.

What do you do when you suddenly have an out of action oven? Make chocolate and pistachio bark of course which is exactly what happened to Munchies and Munchkins. The chocolate bark looks heavenly.

To see more chocolate creations check out #EvenBetterBaking Dr. Oetker and DrOetkerBakes on twitter.


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