Twenty luscious lamb recipes


This month’s seasonal round up comes from Claire Jessiman who blogs at Foodie Quine.  Claire is a passionate Scottish freelance food writer, blogger, cookery demonstrator and tutor.  She loves Gin, Cheese, Peanut Butter, Rhubarb and Tea and is constantly on the lookout for the perfect recipe to combine them all. She is also a self confessed social media junkie.

Over to Claire…

Easter traditionally means that lamb is on the menu. The Roast Lamb that many of us eat on Easter Sunday goes back earlier than Easter to the first Passover of the Jewish people. A sacrificial lamb was roasted and eaten with unleavened bread and bitter herbs. The lamb’s blood was painted on doorposts in the hope that God would “Pass Over” the marked homes and bring no harm. Accustomed to eating lamb for Passover when Jews converted to Christianity they continued the custom at Easter. Christians refer to Jesus as the “Lamb of God” and the traditions merged. Even without taking religion into consideration Lamb is a symbol of rebirth and the new spring and historically would have been one of the first fresh meats available after a long winter.

There’s a whole lot more to Lamb that just a Sunday Roast. Curry, Stew, Koftas, Hotpot, Meatballs, Burgers and more show off its versatility in this seasonal roundup.

Lamb recipes

Top left to right:

Recipes from A Pantry – Apricot & Lamb Stew

Glamorous Glutton – Briouats – Lamb And Chorizo Filo Pastry Tapas

Ren Behan Food – Almost Spring Lamb Hotpot

Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary – Pastitsio, Greek Macaroni Pie

Yum Dim Sum! – Lamb Koftas

Time to be an Adult – Lamb Massaman Curry

The Eating Tree – Spiced Slow Roast Shoulder of Lamb

Supergolden Bakes – One-pot Greek Roast Lamb with potatoes and fennel

A Wee Pinch of Sugar – Fragrant Lamb Stew

Lydia Gerratt – New season lamb stew with carrots and new potatoes

And ten more…

Tales from the Kitchen Shed – Lamb Shanks with Seville Orange and Marmalade 

Fab Food 4 All – Slow Cooked Pulled Lamb with White Wine & Root Vegetables

JibberJabberUK – Slow Cooker Lamb Casserole

Thyme for Cooking Blog – Tagine of Lamb & Peas

Food Stories- Spaghetti with Lamb and Anchovy meatballs

Sal’s Kitchen – Lamb Steaks with Coriander Chickpea Salad

Farmersgirl Kitchen – Asian Spiced Shoulder of Lamb

A Mummy Too – Lamb & Feta Burger

Lavender & Lovage – French Herb & Garlic Lamb

Belleau Kitchen – Roast Rack of Lamb with a honey, rosemary, garlic and granola crust


Claire can also be found on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as her blog Foodie Quine.

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