Ten yummy vegetarian recipes for National Vegetarian Week


Recipes especially for National Vegetarian Week

This week’s ten at ten in honour of next week’s National Vegetarian Week 18-24 May 2015 is written by Chris Mosler. Chris is a freelance writer and serial blogger living in Somerset feeding a family of 6 vegetarians and writing about it on her food blog Life is Delicious. Chris is dreaming about moving lock, stock and barrel to the Devon coast where she can teach people to cook, keep Indian Runner Ducks and sail to her heart’s content.

Over to Chris…

My annual wander through the Foodies 100 hunting for delicious vegetarian dishes ahead of National Vegetarian Week has been a particular pleasure this year, I was spoilt for choice! I was looking for savoury goodies and tasty salads to fill up my teens as they head into the exam period and the Foodies100 bloggers came up trumps.

First up is Over a Cuppa’s spicy savoury flapjack, a tempting twist on an old favourite. Packed with oats, seeds, nuts and cheese this is brain food at its best!

Helen at Food Stories drew me in with her Purple Sprouting Broccoli with Pink Pickled Eggs – I do like fun food and these pink eggs are so pretty!

I’ve been meaning to make a cauliflower base pizza for ages and Libby at Ditch the Carbs has my taste buds tingling with her Fat Head Pizza! With so many gigantic appetites to satisfy I am keen to see whether she’s right when she says that, unlike traditional pizza, one or two slices is enough!

The UK’s all too brief asparagus season coincides happily with NVW, I have it dipped in poached eggs, baked in delicious tarts, roasted with chilli, perched on pizza and whizzed into fabulous silken soups. However, I’ve never tried cooking with white asparagus, I love the look of this tempting soupy offering from Ginger and Bread – leftovers fit for kings!

Sticking with soup, we wave goodbye to the winter kale with The Botanical Baker and this satisfying Butterbean, Coconut and Kale soup ‘using up the odds and ends at the allotment before planting starts anew’ – lovely!

Risotto is one of my go to comfort foods and this red pepper risotto from A Life Moment would certainly hit the spot – the brilliant colour of it is sure to cheer you up on even the gloomiest of days!

Utterly Scrummy can always be relied upon for a tasty vegetarian offering and her polenta based sunshine loaf will be a welcome addition to my children’s lunchboxes over the next few weeks. She says they can cook it themselves which is a bonus, I can just stay under the duvet!

Ceri at Natural Kitchen Adventures celebrates her 4 year Blogging anniversary with a simple but delicious courgetti carbonara, a perfect lunchtime pick me up that I will certainly be trying very soon.

Tinned Tomatoes is one of my favourite vegetarian blogs and Jacqueline’s Butternut Squash, Puy Lentil and Rocket salad is perfect to straddle this unpredictable change of season where we are in flip flops one day and full wet weather gear the next!

Last, but not least, as wild garlic season comes to an end it’s time to run out and forage for the last few handfuls and make Wild Garlic Cheddar Pesto Baked Mushrooms by Dominic from Belleau Kitchen – yummy!

Thank you Chris for this fabulous collection of vegetarian recipes. You can follow Chris on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Sally is the publisher of Foodies100, the UK's largest directory of brilliant UK food and drink blogs and bloggers. Every day of the week, we promote the UK's best and most exciting blogs about food and drink.

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  1. Thank you for including me! The flapjacks are certainly great brain food and a real hit here! Lots of other lovely recipes listed too. Love a good veggie recipe 🙂

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