Ten Marvellous Meringue & Pavlova recipes


Marvellous Meringue & Pavlova recipes

This week’s ten at ten post is from Helen who blogs at Fuss Free Flavours.

Over to Helen…

I unashamedly adore meringues and Pavlova – sweet white billowing light clouds that are a delight to bite into.

They are my failsafe dish to take to parties and summer BBQs, and tick all the fuss free boxes. Easy to make, but sure to impress. Suitable to make ahead and assemble prior to eating. Relatively inexpensive. Perfect for using up leftover egg whites. They win on all counts.

For some reason some people seem to be scared of meringues, but they really are super simple to make and it is very easy to avoid the common pitfalls.

– Make sure your mixing bowl is spotlessly clean – a speck of grease will ruin the meringue.

– Don’t use the freshest eggs – aged a few days is far better

– Whisk the egg whites well before slowly adding the sugar spoon by spoon


  • Starting off with the classic summer fruit filled Pavlova from Kerry Cooks, with that lovely crisp outside and marshmallowly centre.
  • Secondly my twist on a classic Pavlova – simply use muscovado sugar for a toffee flavoured meringue.
  • I love this trick from Penelope’s Pantry – cook the Pavlova upside down over a cake tin to get a far deeper Pavlova you can get more fillings in. Sheer genius!
  • Jac from Tinned Tomatoes has significantly improved the Eton Mess by using it to top a Victoria Sponge.
  • Jen’s lavender & rose mini meringues are reminiscent of an English summer garden and are perfect for a tea party.
  • Keeping in with the floral theme, if lavender and rose are not quite to your taste then how about these delicate violet meringue kisses from Casa Costello?
  • For a simple and easy pudding stew some apple and top with meringue before baking – Camilla’s apple meringue would be perfect for a midweek supper.
  • If you like the idea of apple and meringue and have more time in the kitchen, then Nazima’s elegant apple, cinnamon meringue tartlets would be wonderful at a tea party.
  • If you run out of time to make your meringue then Sarah from Maison Cupcake, has a nifty super speedy pudding with ready-made meringue nests filled with home-made chocolate mousse.   Decorate with fresh fruit for the summer.
  • The secret ingredient in Kate’s pistachio and pomegranate meringues is carrot – surely this means they count towards your 5 a day?


Thank you to Helen for this super sweet marvellous meringues and Pavlova round up.

Helen Best-Shaw blogs at Fuss Free Flavours, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


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