Ten Fabulous Foods on Sticks

 Ten fabulous food on sticks recipes

Jeanne Horak-Druiff is the creator of Cooksister.com, probably the UK’s longest surviving food blog having started in May 2004.  A South African who has been living in London for 15 years, Jeanne shares her love of good food, good photography and luxury travel on her blog through a combination of recipes, restaurant reviews and travelogues.  When she is not cooking, eating or travelling, she loves teaching and speaking at conferences and workshops on blogging, writing and photography. She is also a human slave to two over-indulged rescue cats.

Over to Jeanne…

Aaaah, the British summer.   It’s been the punchline of a thousand jokes, usually along the lines of:

Mrs A: “Wasn’t it a lovely day on Sunday?”

Mrs B: “Yes dear, that was summer 2015.  Did you enjoy it?

Our summers are nothing if not interesting, littered as they are with not only sun but also rain, hail, gales and other meteorological phenomena. But on a mild sunny day with the breeze rustling through the sycamore, oak and plane trees; the roses all a-bloom; and the blackbirds warbling their hearts out, there is no finer place to be than Britain.  It is on these days that my thoughts turn to summery foods.  For some, summer foods might be salads; while others might think of picnic foods – but for me, summer is all about foods on a stick.

Foods on a stick have a special allure, taking you back to childhood memories of candyfloss eaten off a stick at the funfair, marshmallows roasting on the end of a stick over a barbecue, or ice lollies melting and dribbling down your fingers as you try to eat them.  Food on a stick is all about indulgence and holidays and good times with family and friends – what’s not to like about that? So to celebrate the somewhat shaky start to summer 2015, I give you this list of fabulous foods on a stick, everything from savoury to sweet and even a couple of vegetarian options thrown in for good measure.  Bon appetit!

  • To kick things off, fire up the barbecue – Margot of Coffee & Vanilla is making her sweet, spicy and juicy Caribbean pineapple and chicken kebabs. I’m a sucker for chicken and pineapple together so these sound fab.
  • In South Africa, almost every supermarket stocks “chicken sundowners” – marinated chicken wings that have been threaded on a skewer ready for the barbecue. In the UK, they are unknown, so I make my own a la Cooksister BBQ sticky chicken wings on a stick and they are a real crowd-pleaser!
  • One of the hallmarks of the Cape Malay influence on South African food is the use of fruit in meat dishes.  My South African friend Michelle of Greedy Gourmet makes a mean batch of lamb and apricot sosaties – lightly spiced, these are seriously delicious.
  • As we all know, the Brits love a good curry, and none more so than the iconic chicken tikka masala.  Helen of Fuss Free Flavours turns the idea on its head and prepares it for the barbecue instead – check out her chicken tikka kebabs.
  • Fish eaters are often pretty poorly catered for at a classic barbecue, but not at Recipes From a Pantry where Bintu makes her exotic coconut crusted fish and pineapple kebabs with mango salsa. Love the flavours!
  • And if fish eaters have a hard time at barbecues, vegetarians often fare even worse and are relegated to the salad table while everyone else enjoys the meaty main event.  Things are a different when you visit Emily at A Mummy Too – I love these clever tortellini barbecue skewers that she created.
  • Most of us know that you can have your main course on a stick, and your dessert on a stick – but did you know that you can also have salad on a stick?  Sam of Drizzle and Dip shows us how with her watermelon and feta skewers.
  • Anybody growing up in South Africa will be familiar with rum ‘n raising ice-cream – it was always my favourite as a kid.  Here Jane-Anne of Scrumptious South Africa gives the classic a new spin by turning it into rum ‘n raisin popsicles. Genius!
  • If it’s a healthier stick food option that you’re after, look no further than Food to Glow where Kellie has put together some delectable-looking (and good for you!) all-fruit ice lollies
  • But if it is the ultimate indulgence that you are after, forget the diet plan and head on over to Hot and Chilli – these homemade Magnum ice creams that Rosana has made will definitely make all resistance crumble!


Hope you enjoyed reading this little roundup of summery foods that you can serve on a stick – now all we need is hot weather! If you enjoyed reading this, do come on over to my blog Cooksister for more recipes as well as restaurant reviews and travel.  You can also follow me on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.


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