Ten Delicious Raw Foods Recipes


Be inspired by one of these ten raw food recipes by UK Food bloggers

Raw foods are more popular than ever and the health benefits increasingly recognised. I am constantly blown away with the recipes people manage to come up with, so I am very excited to introduce this week’s round up by Laura who blogs at How to cook good food.

Over to Laura…

I have been interested in Raw foods ever since I went to a raw food demo a couple of years ago given by Tanya Alexseeva who blogs at BetterRaw. What I noticed in particular was Tanya’s impeccable skin. It literally glowed and I am not one to say such things usually. As I am now in of an age where taking care of myself is not as easy as it used to be, and the weight can creep on much more easily than it used to, I like to find ways to keep both my skin and my size in check and that is where the raw diet comes in.
The raw diet is something I like to dip into. I certainly don’t have the willpower to stick to this regime but I love to eat raw salads, soups, dips throughout the week and I also am in love with raw food desserts and snacks. There are so many ways to incorporate raw foods into your weekly food regime, and I do find that the dishes keep me full and satisfied for much longer as they are packed full of super nutritious ingredients, which I find also helps to keep the bugs at bay.
So here are my top 10 raw food recipes to get you inspired to give raw food a go. Enjoy…….

  • First up we have Nazima at Franglais Kitchen with her Summer berry vegan cheesecake. Cashews and coconut provide a light “cream cheese” alternative and the base is made from ground nuts, dried fruit and cacao nibs. The clever “jam” topping is made by using chia seeds which helps the fruit to set overnight. If you love desserts as much as I do, this is a perfect raw cheesecake to convert you
  • Kellie at Food to Glow has created some gorgeous red velvet raw brownies which go to prove that you don’t actually need to bake to enjoy a good brownie or two. What I love about raw desserts is that all you need to do is prep the mixture and chill or freeze it until ready to eat. No baking skills required!
  • Choclette over at Tin & Thyme has a perfect raw alternative to Nutella with her Raw chocolate cashew spread  The delicious spread requires the cashew nuts to soak overnight. Soaking of nuts and pulses forms a large part of the raw food diet and this spread includes lovely Medjool dates as well as raw cacao, vanilla and coconut oil. Perfectly divine.
  • Sus, who blogs at Rough Measures has a great recipe for Spirulina energy balls. If you are a closet snacker then making a batch of these to keep in your fridge could be the healthy alternative to a bar of cheap chocolate. They are simple to make too. All you need is a food processor to blitz the mixture together, easy.
  • I was addicted to Nakd bars until I realised how easy they are to make and so much cheaper. Nadia from Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen has a brilliant recipe which means you also can make them for yourself. Try her Nakd pecan pie bar recipe if you are also a Nakd bar fan.
  • Kate at Veggie Desserts has chocolate lovers everywhere in mind with her Black Forest cherry chocolate avocado mousse. I have used avocado in desserts before and love the silky texture it provides and it makes for a super smooth richly indulgent dessert with added cherries for the Black Forest theme of course.
  • Going into the savoury raw world now, I am starting with my chilled avocado, watercress & cucumber soup  which makes for a refreshing summer soup with bags of creamy and herby flavours to enjoy.
  • Monica at Smarter Fitter has created a wonderful raw cauliflower tabbouleh. If there is a salad I could live on, this would be it.
  • Emily at A Mummy Too has created a twist on the classic with a seeded avocado and chilli houmous  It makes for a perfect light lunch or speedy snack served with some crunchy vegetable sticks . I love the addition of mixed seeds for added texture and protein goodness.
  • Urvashi at The Botanical Baker has created a peppery pesto using nasturtium leaves. If you are following the raw food diet this pesto would be perfect served up alongside a bowl of courgetti (courgette spaghetti). Spiralized courgetti makes a wonderful carb free alternative to spaghetti and will not leave you feeling tired or bloated!

Laura Scott blogs over at How to cook good food.  Laura is an ex-chef, a cookery tutor, supper club host and recipe developer with a love of good food.


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