Ten Gorgeous Italian Recipes


Love Italian Then you will love this round up of Italian inspired recipes

This week’s ten at ten on gorgeous Italian recipes comes from Alex who blogs at Gingey Bites.  Alex is a Midlander with a love of all things edible. A champion for local suppliers and produce Alex cooks everything in sight and eats out too much! Apparently.

Over to Alex…

If any of you read my blog regularly, you’ll know that Tuscany is an area of the world which I just love. My family have been visiting for years and years, always to the same region, same house even, and just a few weeks ago, I was back there for the first time since 2011.  The four day trip flew by but it reignited my love for Italian food and nicely lends itself to the theme for my ten at ten roundup!  


Here are ten fellow bloggers Italian recipes which have really caught my attention recently:  

  • I’ll start with myself – I posted this simple tomato bruschetta recipe whilst I was in Tuscany – with tomatoes picked straight off the vine. It doesn’t get better than that.
  • I really loved this delicious looking spaghetti bolognese recipe from Lovely Appetite. It’s a common dish which we all know how to make but her story hit me because of the sentimentality – its one handed down to her from a favourite teacher.
  • Moving on to something from a true Italian over at the petite cook – I loved the look of these Sicilian spaghetti cupcakes, it;s something i’ve not seen done before and I’d like to try them! 
  • Away from spaghetti and onto something sweet – I love affogato and this one from the Crafty Larder just looks SO GOOD! Coffee and ice-cream, whats not to love?
  • These Italian inspired pork pies had to go into my round up – not only because they look good but also because I know they taste good. My good friend Emily from Recipes and Reviews brought some along on a foodie road trip earlier this summer and I wolfed them down! Delicious! 
  • Back to something sweet. The Foodie Quine tied this biscotti recipe in with GBBO but all I can think about is how nice that gingerbread flavour must have smelt whilst it was cooking! 
  • I always love looking at Supergolden Bakes blog because Lucy’s photography is so vibrant. This one pot Italian chicken dish looks perfect for autumn. Definitely on my bookmarked recipes list. 
  • This isn’t a recent post but one I’ve looked at before and just rediscovered. Dom at Belleau Kitchen is one of the first bloggers I discovered when I started out and is still a firm favourite. These fungi pizza swirls look really appetising!
  • Chorizo is probably one of the most common ingredients in my fridge and I really like the look of this chorizo and green bean ragu by Camilla at Fab Food 4 All. Colourful but hearty and pretty cheap to make too. 
  • Last but definitely not least, Kavey Eats posted a smoked cheese gnocchi recipe from cook book The Amalfi Coast. The recipe looks a little fiddly but I bet it tasted like heaven and has made me want to log onto Amazon and order that book immediately. 

To find out more from Alex, find her on Twitter, Instagram and her blog Gingey Bites.

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