Will you be joining NaBlogPoMo this November?


Blogger Etiquette

The world of technology loves a bit of ridiculous lingo – and one of our very favourite examples is NaBloPoMo.

Actually, NoBloPoMo is a short version of National Blog Post Month – a challenge that invites bloggers around the world to post a blog post every day during the month of November – it’s an online version of NaNoWriMo, a challenge that invites writers to work on their books daily throughout this month.  

What’s the point? 

Fans of NaBloPoMo think that having to write something on your blog every single day is a great way to get out of a blogging slump – it forces you to write something every day, even if you don’t have a killer new recipe, or something especially witty to share. 

This, in turn, forces you to become more creative, to think about new ways of creating content. Maybe you’ll create a great round-up of favourite recipes from around the web; maybe a video tour of your kitchen; a photo tutorial; a glossary – who knows?

Writing daily gets you into a routine of writing – and the more you write, the better you’ll get at it! It’s supposed to be hard some days – it’s about digging deep and finding new things to share with your audience. 

It’s a Community

Taking part in the monthly challenge also puts you at the heart of a virtual community – check out the #NaNoWriMo and #NaBloPoMo hashtags on Twitter and you’ll find thousands of other writers just like you, writing daily throughout November.

This makes November a great time to be introduced to new writers and blogs – and to be discovered by new readers.

You Can’t Fail 

Not everyone who takes part will publish every day – that’s okay. 

Not everyone will make it to the end of the month – that’s also okay. 

What matters is committing to the exercise and giving it your best shot, even if you don’t publish everything you write, or make it for 30 consecutive days. 

You can take a break, but the great thing about this challenge is you will benefit no matter how much or little you do – you literally can’t fail! 

What do you think of NaBloPoMo? Will you be taking on this challenge? 



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  1. How coincidental – I’d not heard of NaBloPoMo until today but had independently decided to try and post every day in November!

    I initially planned to do it to clear some of my backlog and try and get out of a blogging slump. It’s only a few days in and I’m pretty sure I won’t manage the whole month, but plotting out a schedule and telling myself I’m committing to it has lifted some of the angst I’ve been feeling about my blog. Even that has been worth it.

    27 more posts to go!

  2. I’ve only just come across this post! We have been planning to write blog posts everyday for a month but it wasn’t going to be this month. How have you found it so far?

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