Twenty Seasonal Recipes for the Whole Year

seasonal recipes

This month’s seasonal round up comes from Leyla. Leyla is a busy mum of two boys under five and owns a parenting magazine called Motherhood Diaries. When she’s not running around after the boys, Leyla is busy working on her magazine and her new cooking channel (with a twist!), soon to be launched early 2016 – watch this space!

Over to Leyla…

There are a multitude of reasons why eating healthily is vastly important for your overall lifestyle, i.e. it’s nutritious and packed with tons of vitamins and minerals to boost the mind and body. But, have you ever thought about eating in season? Seasonal food is often cheaper, tastes better and is more natural. Plus, you get to experience a wider collection of food overall if you follow the seasonal calendar. With that said, here are twenty seasonal monthly recipes that will keep you ticking healthily all year round.  


  • Sarah from My New Roots pulled out a bunch of Jerusalem artichokes (also called sunchokes) and decided to combine them with grounded flavours to create a lovely lentil based dish that can be served with either brown rice or quinoa.
  • Kellie Anderson from Food to Glow pairs the preciously short-seasoned blood oranges perfectly with roasted vanilla rhubarb for a super simple treat which is versatile and can be added to your breakfast bowl.


  • Wellness Mama substitutes potatoes for cauliflower after a pregnancy-induced craving and comes up with an alternative to shepherd’s pie – and the leftovers taste better than the first night!
  • Jeanne from Cook Sister won the South African Blog Awards for the Best Food Blog – what a result! So, she decided to make a celebratory feast. She came up with a tasty cooked apple recipe in a sweet caramel pudding – perfect for Sunday lunch.


  • With the start of lent on Ash Wednesday in the year 2010, there was a huge demand for fish based meals. Cook Almost Anything decided to create some faux fish fingers with sardines. Simple to make and looks so tasty!
  • Orange is still prominent this time of year, especially the blood orange. Baking Yummies first made this delicious orange caramel custard for her wedding anniversary in 2011 and hasn’t stopped making it since. It took her six attempts to get the right consistency, but – seventh time lucky – they look amazing!


  • Emily from Emily’s Recipes and Reviews grabbed a whole load of fresh Cromer crab (with cool bags and ice to hand) from her visit to Cromer and headed back to the Midlands to create her favourite Nigella crab pasta recipe, this time with the added twist of crab cakes, fresh egg noodles, lots of veg and oyster sauce.
  • Kate, The Gluten Free Alchemist, has come up with some delicious gluten free rhubarb & white chocolate eclairs (made entirely from scratch, including the flour), which are perfect for her daughter who was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease at age 6. They look dangerously too good to eat!


  • Glamorous Glutton is featured in ‘ten awesome asparagus recipes’ on Foodies 100 for her awesome asparagus and feta egg muffins. As May is the month when asparagus comes into season, what better way to showcase the versatile vegetable than peeping out of a muffin that’s perfect for either breakfast or brunch.
  • From Pikalily we have Helen’s Eton Mess which introduces the summer season with a gorgeous mess of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, mixed in with a healthy portion of double cream and fat-free Greek yogurt. Sounds like my perfect dessert to finish off a hearty meal.


  • Clare from Grubby Little Faces has created a lovely light summer dish of broad beans, peas and poached chicken, served with ready-to-go packet of rice.
  • Farmersgirl Kitchen has gone with the traditional summer dessert of strawberry pavlova, one of my all-time favourite and indulgent summer puds, and used Great British Bake Off’s medical student (now qualified), James Morton and his book, ‘How Baking Works’, to learn how to make the meringue. Sounds like a book every wannabe baker should have on their shelf!


  • The Caked Crusader found a jar of apricot halves with amaretto from her Christmas food shopping and decided to make the seasonal summer panna cotta tart with almond pastry. Sounds like a summer dish I don’t want to go without next time.


  • I absolutely love Mary Alice Joan’s blog The English Kitchen, not just because I am a born and raised Brit, but because I have learned so much about English food and cooking in general by just perusing her website. I especially love her tantalising apple tart, which looks rich and full of flavour. I will be sure to make this tart with seasonal apples when August comes back around.


  • For the same reason as number fourteen, I love Burcu’s blog because I’m Turkish Cypriot by origin and I can relate to quite a few of her dishes from Turkey. Cabbage is in season in the September months, so what better way to showcase these vegetables than in an Almost Turkish dish like Etli Kapuska (cabbage stew with beef)!
  • A dessert that can be enjoyed during Christmas or when raspberries are still in season in September is DemiJohn’s trifle. Paired with lemongrass the dish springs to life with a perfect zing. Ideal for the cooler evenings.


  • Celeriac is a wonderful addition to the month of October and can be complemented beautifully with leek, chestnut and cranberry to make a lovely pie from Demuths, that’s fab at Christmas too.


  • Shredded brussels sprouts and apple are the base of Love and Lemon’s salad, which is so quick and easy to do, especially if you have a mandolin. A lovely fresh approach to the month of Thanksgiving.
  • Another enjoyable dessert dish using the seasonal apple, this time a household favourite – the apple crumble pie from Sally’s Baking Addiction. One of my favourites, this apple pie can be finished off with some “melty vanilla ice cream” for the perfect pudding.


  • These awesome twists on the traditional mince pie includes roasted pear, which is the perfect seasonal fruit to enjoy during the Christmas festivities; roasted pear & mincemeat crumble tarts from Laura at How to Cook Good Food.

So, there you have it, twenty awesome seasonal recipes that are best enjoyed when their key ingredients are in season. Time to get the calendar out!

Bonus – Here is a seasonal calendar I found online that shows all the fruit and veg in season.

To find out more about Leyla you can find her at Motherhood Diaries, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Image credits [1. My New Roots 2. Food to Glow 3. Wellness Mama 4. Cook Sister 5. Cook Almost Anything6. Baking Yummies 7. Recipes & Reviews 8. The Gluten Free Alchemist 9. Glamorous Glutton 10. Pikalily]


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