Ten Tasty Recipes for your Christmas Leftovers

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There is no excuse for wasting any Christmas leftovers this year as Laura Scott, who blogs at How to cook good food, has put together ten recipes that will turn those leftovers into totally tasty recipes. Laura is an ex-chef, a cookery tutor, supper club host and recipe developer with a love of good food.
Over to Laura…

Christmas is definitely the most wonderful time of the year. Food and drink aplenty bursts from our kitchens and we are all guilty of overindulging with one or two many puddings, chocolates and glasses of mulled wine.

The downside of this festive season is that we all tend to over cater and panic buy. We seem to buy everything associated with Christmas, even if we don’t actually need or like it. We tell ourselves we might get unexpected guests who might love to enjoy a slice of Christmas cake, a plate of Stilton and crackers, several dozen mince pies and bottle of Port and Sherry. Then there is the Christmas meal itself. Always a meal with incredible amounts of leftovers. Although leftovers are welcome and enjoyed by all, there comes a time when we have had our fill of turkey and ham.  At this point, we just want to find ways to munch though the remainders of the Christmas food but in a novel fashion.
So here are ten of my favourite ways to enjoy your Christmas leftovers from a collection of my favourite foodie bloggers…
  • Janey over at The Hedgecombers has Christmas leftovers pie which couldn’t be easier to make. Just fill a pie dish with shortcrust pastry and top with the meat, veg and gravy from your Christmas meal. Add another layer of pastry and bake. Simpley delicious. A pie with minimal effort and maximum taste!
  • Bintu at Recipes from a Pantry has created a turkey chilli. I am always in desperate need of a chilli fix after the blandness of a Christmas lunch so this is something that calls out to me. It contains wonderful spices such as smoked paprika and chipotle along with pulses and lots more spices. Why not spice up your Boxing day with this dish!
  • Cate at Cate in the Kitchen has made a Christmas leftovers omelette. What I love about this is it’s simplicity. A real one pan dish that can be adapted to suit any tastes. Cate added chilli oil to hers along with leftover veggies, cheese and rosemary jelly. I think that sounds just about right to me!
  • Helen at Fuss Free Flavours has created a mango turkey biryani. This is a tasty one pot dish that uses up leftover turkey with lots of spices, mango chutney, vegetables and coriander giving the turkey a new lease of life. I think this dish would bring the crowds gathering for more.
  • Jeanne of Cook Sister has made a leftover gammon and sprout risotto. She really knows how to make a perfect Italian dish become a festive favourite in our house. Lashings of Parmesan and white wine goes into the pot along with little chunks of gammon and slices of sprouts. I am sure you could even ad a slice or two of turkey!
  • Sarah at Maison Cupcake makes Leftover French toast panettone which sounds like a breakfast dish I could happily tuck into. The best thing is it’s so simple to prepare. Simply dunk and fry then serve with the toppings of your choice. I would personally go for yoghurt and leftover mincemeat. How about you?!
  • Ciara at My Fussy Eater has put together some gorgeous looking bubble & squeak fritters. This is such an economical dish which uses up all those surplus potatoes and vegetables. I love the serving suggestion of adding creme friache and spring onions. These fritters could also work well with sweet chilli sauce and a fried or poached egg or two!
  • Choclette at Tin & Thyme has made up a batch of chocolate mincemeat flapjacks with her leftover mincemeat. Not any old mincemeat but chocolate and chilli berry mincemeat. Now that sounds like another level of loveliness in a flapjack!
  • Jemma at Celery & Cupcakes has created a dairy free mince pie ice cream. I think this could be the answer for those days when you want something sweet but not too heavy and over indulgent. Also, it couldn’t be simpler to make. Perfect too for any guests that have food intolerances!
  • Nazima at Franglais Kitchen has baked up some apricot, hazelnut & mincemeat rugelach. This is a Jewish recipe in origin and one I love to make myself. Nazima’s recipe is far speedier to make which is essential at this time of the year and, I promise you, your guests will love you for making these. Keep some leftover mincemeat so you can try them out, you will not be disappointed!
Thank you Laura for this great collection of recipes. You can find out more about Laura at How to Cook Good Food, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
Photo credit [My Fussy Eater]

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