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This month’s eating out round up comes from Italian foodie, Luchia who blogs at Luchia Cooks. Born and raised in Bristol she knows exactly where to go to get the best the city has on offer.

Over to Luchia…

Bristol is such a great city as there is always something to do and eat! No matter what you fancy, from the best BBQ ribs to the most authentic Caribbean cocktails, there’s a place to find it. Here are my favourite joints in Bristol that are a must-visit.

Best for fussy eaters


From breakfast to bedtime, and everything in-between, Bills got you covered. Their menu is so different from standard restaurants, there really is something for everyone. My personal favourite is their fish finger sandwich, that’s something I never thought I’d pay for but it’s worth every penny. They even have a little shop instead full of their own products –perfect as a gift or yourself (I won’t tell anyone!).


Best for sandwiches

Sandwich Sandwich

You might of guessed by their name that they’re crazy for sandwiches; hot meat rolls, Mediterranean flatbreads and deli stuffed baguettes – they’ve got it all. Sandwich Sandwich’s menu is bursting with options, it almost makes it impossible to choose something. To start you off, I’d recommend trying one of their homemade soft boiled scotch eggs and a house sub.

Best for baked goods


And when I say good, I mean good! It’s not your usual bakery, they’ve open from 7am to 11pm, use a wood fire pizza oven and serve cocktails, beers and even wine. All their food is made in-house every day so their savoury sandwiches and tarts are super flavoursome. But if you’ve got more of a sweet tooth (like me) you’ve got to try their honeycomb filled sour-dough-nuts, they’re out of this world!


Best for ‘out of this world’ burgers

Atomic Burger

If you’re a fan of burgers, comics or both, you’ve got to visit Atomic burger. Their menu doesn’t just list what’s on offer, but also presents each as a comic character! My favourite burger is Frito Bandito, a cheeky Mexican number. Don’t forget to order a portion of trailer park fries too – you won’t be disappointed. Make sure to call up in advance, as they’re regularly fully booked.

Best for BBQ


Meat, meat glorious meat – Spitfire is a great eatery for meat-lovers. Their kitchen is open for all to see, so you can experience their rustic and authentic barbecue. And as all the meat is locally sourced and grilled caveman-style directly on hot coals, the food has a wicked natural smoky flavour. They’ve got everything on offer, if you’ve got the room I’d suggest this bad boy photographed below, the Spitfire ribs!


Best for award-winning steak

The Ox

As one of the city’s swankiest secret prohibition joints, The Ox transforms you to the 1920s and offers another great menu for meat-lovers. Since opening in 2014, it’s won a selection of prestigious awards from Bristol Good Food, strengthening the restaurant’s reputation for serving the best steaks in Bristol. Not visiting really would be a missed steak – Ha, couldn’t resist!

Best for pizza and pies

The Stable

Three words; pizzas, pies and cider. If you’re a fan of these glorious things, you’ve got to visit this communal eatery. The decor is very relaxed with wood tables and benches. Their open kitchen spans almost the entire length of the place, so you’ll be able to see your food being cooked wherever you’re sat. They also offer a cider tasting board to encourage us to try as many different ciders as you can – cheers!


Best for the dining experience


Casamia means ‘my house’ in Spanish, which is so fitting for this restaurant, founded and run by the Sanchez family. They’ve won multiple awards, one being a very prestigious michelin star. Not only are their tasting menus, but the very décor of the intimate restaurant changes throughout the year. It doesn’t stop there, their dishes are inspired by all five senses, bringing you the ultimate dining experience.

Best for Michelin starred food

Pony and Trap

Just on the outskirts of Bristol is the wonderful and michelin starred Pony and Trap. Having had the Chef Patron, Josh Eggleton, represent the South West in the finals of BBC 2’s Great British Menu, you know you’re in for a real treat. They offer a creative and varied lunch, dinner and tasting menu – perfect for a special occasion. Plus, the staff and their service are absolutely outstanding, with barrels of insight and kindness.

Best for gelato

Sundae Gelato

Do you ever wish you could transport yourself over to Italy to get a couple scoops of luscious gelato? I definitely did until I found Sundae Gelato. They serve every kind of flavour you could ever image, all made on-site daily. As well as their endless ice cream and sorbet options, this sweet haven also offer an array of shakes, desserts and delicious cakes.



As well as running her food and home blog, Luchia shares her culinary adventures on Twitter. You can also follow her on Pinterest, where she keeps adding her favourite recipes and domestic wish lists.


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