Can You Really Eat Your Way To Love This Valentine’s Day?


Can you really eat your way to love

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” ― Virginia Woolf


Champagne, oysters, strawberries, chocolate; the occasional fillet steak. All so often heralded as the ideal Valentines supper choices. But just what is it about these foods that make them the go to on February 14th? Nutrition blogger, Ruth Walters from Let Her Eat Clean investigates.

One can only assume oysters weren’t the price they are now in the 18th century given infamous lover, Casanova’s, commitment to apparently eating 50 of them a day for breakfast. A DAY!

But an American research paper from around this time last year confirmed our friend Casanova really could have been onto something. The study explained oysters really are an aphrodisiac on account of two rare amino acids in the oysters, D-Asp and NDMA, that in fact trigger increased levels of sex hormones.

The scientific counsel doesn’t stop there. To truly benefit from oysters in that way you need to be eating them in Spring, which is when the oysters themselves are breeding, and producing higher concentrations of these rare amino acids. Likewise eating them raw, as cooking them will significantly lower the amount of those much-celebrated rare amino acids.

And what about those other foods so often touted as the ones best to serve that all important date?

The key thing they all tend to have in common is zinc. Upping the amount of zinc in your diet will boost testosterone levels, and in turn libido. Foods such as red meat, seafood (especially those oysters), pumpkin seeds, cocoa and wheat germ are renowned aphrodisiacs due to their higher zinc content. I can’t really vouch for the champagne, other than it being a lovely treat and a relaxing end to the day.

Regardless of how you feel about Valentines Day why not take the opportunity to sit down for a meal with someone you care about? I’m a huge fan of sitting down at the table, with or without the famed aphrodisiac foods. It’s where all the best conversations happen and lessons in life are learned.

With a small person to think about these days I can’t quite be sure how our Valentines day will shape up this year but I’ve had fun contemplating what might feature on the menu:

To start

A handful of Spain’s finest Marcona almonds washed down with a glass of something light and bubbly.

The main course

A zinc loaded protein tastic rare fillet steak feast with some of my Sirtfood favourites on the side.

To finish

Because I can’t choose between chocolate and cheese there must be a sweet and fourth course. There’s something slightly more virtuous about this chocolate cake recipe and just because of it’s ever so cutesy shape, this cheese, oh this cheese… J’adore!

How do you plan to spend your Valentines Day?


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