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Ching He Huang

It is not every day you have a celebrity chef cooking you lunch but I was very fortunate to attend the launch of British Chinese food writer and TV chef Ching-He Huang’s Lotus Wok from JML.

We also have one Lotus Wok to giveaway, full details here.

Ching cooked a mouthwatering rosemary chicken with edamame, carrot, sugar snap peas, eggs and tendersteam broccoli fried rice, and smoked tofu with dinosaur kale whilst talking passionately about the Lotus Wok which has been in development for the last year.

Lotus Wok from JML

Inspired by the lotus leaf the Lotus Wok repels moisture as the hydrophobic leaf would and with moisture rolling off the surface of the wok you can be sure that food is cooked perfectly every time. The carbon steel wok has a nano-silica coating which acts as a barrier so sauces and liquids cannot permeate the lotus leaf-like surface which in turn gives the wok a self-cleaning ability.

Lotus Wok from JML £49.99 (2)As well as the nano-silica acting as a water repellent it also helps the Lotus Wok to absorb oil to create a non-stick layer to help infuse flavour into the food.

The carbon steel bowl heats up quickly and evenly so ingredients can be seared at a high heat with the smallest amount of oil.

Having used the Lotus Wok nearly every day since the launch,  I have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly it heats up, it’s tall sides allow large portions of ingredients to be cooked at the same time and it is already replacing several other pans as I use it not only for stir fries but for soups, curries, steaming fish and more.

The Ching-He Huang Lotus Wok is available from JML priced at £49.99 and includes the following:

  • Carbon Steel Wok
  • Dome Lid
  • Steamer Rack
  • Ching He Huang’s wooden spatula and chopsticks
  • Free copy of Ching’s Eat Clean recipe book (worth £16.99)

Lotus Wok from JML £49.99 (6)Ching has kindly shared her top tips for the perfect stir fry especially for Foodies100 readers:

1. Prepare all the ingredients first before firing up the wok

– prepare aromatics –  garlic, ginger, chilli (holy trinity of Chinese Cooking)
– chop the vegetables – wash, keep them crisp and dry, cut in same size
– meat (add a simple marinade of five spice, light soy, small dusting of cornflour) 
– make a sauce for a ‘saucy’ stir fry (oyster sauce, chilli sauce, 100ml vegetable stock, 1 teaspoon cornflour)
– for a ‘dry’ stir fry – use light soy, toasted sesame oil, ground white pepper, oyster sauce etc.

2. Heat the wok on high heat, add oil 

– It’s important to heat the wok up first so there are no “cool” spots, then add a good oil that withstands high temperatures – coconut oil or rapeseed oil

3. Wokking

– cook the meat first, stir fry until golden adding a splash of rice wine during the cooking – spoon out
– Reheat the wok, add some oil, add in the aromatics cooking for 10 seconds
– Add vegetables and stir fry for 1 minute (add a small splash of water around edge of wok to create steam) toss cooking
– Add the meat back in and toss together
– Add the sauce for a saucy stir fry OR for a dry stir fry result use light soy, toasted sesame oil, ground white pepper, oyster sauce or chilli sauce

– Keep it simple – make sure all ingredients are fresh
– Arm yourself with Chinese store cupboard essentials – light soy, dark soy, toasted sesame oil, ground white pepper, Chinese five spice, Shaosing rice wine
– Use Garlic, ginger and chilli 
– Pre-marinade any meat for 10 minutes 
– Chop vegetables the same size so cook in the same time in the wok 
– Have a small dash of water on hand to ‘create steam’ for stir frying vegetables  

For recipes and more ideas, check out Ching’s Eat Clean- Wok Yourself To Health cook book.


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