Ten Fantastic Food Tours Around The World


Love food Check out these ten amazing food tours from different places around the world.

If you love food, love travel and seeing different cultures then you need to go on a food tour. They are available all over the world and are a great way to get to know what the locals really eat.  A food tour can be one aspect of a bigger trip abroad or, if you don’t want to venture too far away there are so many great food tours around the UK. We feature ten completely different tours from all around the world…

  • Mondo Mulia is as passionate about food as she is about travel and one place she wishes she could spend more time in is Marrakech. Whilst visiting Marrakech last year, Giulia went on a food tour which focuses on tasting five of the most authentic dishes Moroccans eat in Marrakech. Suffice to say it looks so enticing- from lamb, to olives, cous cous and even smoothies. If you’ve never thought of visiting Marrakech before you will want to now.
  • If you are off to Rome how about a tour by The Roman Foodie? Emily from Recipes and Reviews started the tour with an Italian breakfast biscuit, followed by bruschetta, prosecco, pizza, artichoke and so much more my mouth is watering just reading about it!
  • Karen who writes at Lavender and Lovage had an artisan food and drink tour of Belfast and Northern Ireland which involved pub crawls including a visit to a place called The Dirty Onion for whiskey, and dinner at the Ox serving locally sourced and seasonal food. Mmmm.
  • A Dolianova Sardinia food tour taken by Glamorous Glutten included a visit to an olive oil pressing mill, making a traditional Sardinian dessert – Seadas, and eating suckling pig, antipasti and freshly made pasta dishes. Glamorous Glutten says they would never have discovered these dishes on their own and the tour gave them the opportunity to see the true traditions of the area.
  • Have you ever thought of London as a destination for a food tour? Her Favourite Food had the pleasure of a Soho Food Tour. As well as enjoying foods from around the world, the guide talked about the area, how food has evolved to make it what it is today, and about various chefs and figureheads who have helped shaped the area.
  • Quite a bit further afield, Passport and Toothbrush did her food tour in Seoul. Travelling alone this was a great way to share a meal whilst discovering new cuisine. A hands on tour which involved cooking the food before eating it while drinking a lethal cocktail of beer, soju and coca cola. It sounds and looks amazing. Such a great idea to do this if you are very unfamiliar with the local food.
  • Britain has got some great food with vast differences in local favourites from area to area so there is always new something new to try around the country. Leeds Foodie went on a foodie’s tour of the Peak district, home of the Bakewell tart and Bakewell pudding. If you visit the Old Original Bakewell Pudding Shop, you can even have a go at making one yourself in the on-site kitchen.
  • Another great British food tour is in London’s East End. Bintu who writes at Recipes From A Pantry had the best banana bread, and the best fish and chips. Plus a visit to Spitalfields, a little history, art and culture whilst sampling curries, British cheeses and beer. Sounds like heaven doesn’t it.
  • If you happen to be planning a trip to all the way to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Farmersgirl Kitchen recommends a local tasting tour south of Morris Street. The tour included visits to six local eateries in the area ‘south of Morris Street’ to taste dishes prepared by award winning chefs.You’ll be trying lots of different foods along the way plus a chance to shop some of the delectables.
  • Finally, this one is for ice cream lovers…a London ice-cream tour, who knew they existed? I didn’t, but you can guess what I’m going to be doing soon. Thanks to Food Nerd 4 Life for the information, I lost count of just how many ice creams were consumed but it was a lot. Pistachio for me please.

Have you ever been on a food tour? Or where would you pick from the ones above?

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  1. Food tours are such a great way to get a snapshot of the city and a great guide makes all the difference. Last year in Glasgow we did a tour with Madeline of Wee Food Tours (www.weefoodtour.com) and her enthusiasm for her city was infectious! We went to several restaurants where the menu had been specially selected to highlight the best local fare. We tried haggis for the first time, sampled delicious local cheeses and even visited a local sweet shop (that Colin and Justin had visited just the day before). Every venue on it’s own was lovely but put all together, the afternoon was unforgettable. If you are heading to Glasgow you will not regret making time for this tour.

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