Fifteen Fantastic Blue Dragon Oriental Recipes


This month, Foodies100 bloggers have been cooking up a storm creating some fabulous recipes with Blue Dragon.

We set our bloggers a challenge to create some new recipes using a selection of delicious Blue Dragon sauces that demonstrate that Oriental cooking doesn’t have to be complicated.

Congratulations to our winner, Elaine at A Hint of White, who created this amazing and really inventive recipe for steamed pork buns


Here is what some of our other bloggers came up with:

blue dragon Collage

The recipes are: 

1. Asian Kale, Noodle & Coconut Broth


Made using Blue Dragon’s coconut milk and sesame seed oil, along with Kale and noodles, this broth is quick to make and will warm you up on those chilly days. Visit Foodie Quine for the recipe.

2. King Prawn And Salmon Crispy Wontons

These delicious appetisers are sure to wet your palette, made using Blue Dragon soy sauce and wonton pastry you can find the recipe on Emily’s Recipes and Reviews.

3. Spicy Vegetable Noodles


Another noodle recipe, this time using the Blue Dragon sweet chilli sauce to add that extra kick. Visit Hungry Healthy Happy for the recipe.

4. Sweet and Spicy Pork Belly


If you’re looking for an easy to make comfort food then this pork recipe using sweet chilli dipping sauce is the one for you, find the recipe on Supper in the Suburbs.

5. Satay Prawns With Thai Broccoli Rice


Featuring broccoli rice as a healthy alternative, this recipe uses soy sauce and coconut milk to create a dish that’s not only tasty but good for you too. Head to Miss Pond for the recipe.

6. Thai Green Curry Baked Salmon with Coconut Rice and Vegetable Ribbon Salad


This pretty dish has flaky, baked salmon, brightly coloured vegetables and rice topped with coconut. If that isn’t enough to get your taste buds going we don’t know what is! Find the recipe at Domestic Gothess.

7. Spicy Sesame Edamame Noodles with Black Bean Tenderstem


This post brings you two delicious recipes in one with edamame noodle AND black bean tenderstem. Made in the time it takes to order a takeaway and yet just as delicious, if not more so. Visit The Veg Space for both recipes.

8. Chinese Banquet


If you’re looking for more than one meal from your Blue Dragon then have a look at these ideas – BBQ stir fry, thai green curry, egg fried rice and noodles with prawns in blackbeam sauce! Definitely a banquet for all the family – visit Passion For Food for the recipes.

9. Sweet Chill Salmon Stir Fry


Stir fry’s are the quickest of the oriental meals to make, yet some of the most flavourful. This dish is no exception, with sesame-topped salmon sat on a bed of soft noodles it is bound to satisfy your cravings. Head to Celery & Cupcakes for the recipe.

10. Thai Green Prawn Curry

mini adventures

Usually a chicken dish, this thai green curry features king prawns alongside beansprouts, rice and broccoli ensuring a filling dish full of flavours. Find the recipe on Mini Adventures.

11. Easy Thai & Chinese Meals


Take BBQ short ribs, add in a slow cooker and give them an oriental edge and this recipe is the one for you! Visit We Love Food for this recipe that cooks whilst you work – perfect!

12. BBQ Pork Wraps and Stuffed Mushrooms


This recipes uses romaine lettuce or mushrooms rather than the typical wraps, to create an alternative meal, yet just as show stopping. Visit Tastefully Vikki for this and more recipes you can make with your Blue Dragon products.

13. Oriental BBQ Turkey


By marinating your turkey in the morning, you can create a tasty meal in just fifteen minutes with this recipe from Day Dreaming Foodie.

14. Chinese Chicken Noodle Soup


If you’re feeling a little under weather, and even if you’re not, this heart-warming chicken noodle soup will soon have you back on top form. Visit Travels For Taste for this and other popular Chinese dishes.

15. Caramelised Chinese Pork Belly


If you want an easy-to-make recipe then try this caramelised pork belly, filled with various spices this pork comes out beautifully sticky and caramelised and is sure to have you wanting more. Head to Essbeevee for the full recipe.



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