Ten Food Bloggers You Should be Following on YouTube


Love watching recipe videos Then you should be following these 10 UK food bloggers on YouTube foodies100.co.uk

Is everyone else a little bit obsessed with the cooking videos doing the rounds on Facebook at the moment? It’s scary how many minutes get sucked away whilst entranced by the likes of Tasty , Tastemade and Buzz Feed Food. However, we have some just as talented and entertaining YouTubers on Foodies100 who are vlogging regularly and just in case you haven’t discovered them yet, here they are…

  • Ciara, My Fussy Eater shares her breakfast ideas to hidden veggie meals, nutritious snacks and the odd indulgent dessert on her colourful and upbeat YouTube channel.
  • Al has been vlogging for over two years and has a passion for preparing and enjoying tasty food. Sharing recipes from his childhood, and current favourites, he wants to bring food lovers from all over the world to Al’s Kitchen.
  • Delicious and healthy recipes from Morella can be seen on her Venezuelan Mi Terruno Food channel. As well as food tips and reviews you’ll find authentic recipes such as Venezuelan coconut dessert and Venezuelan scrambled eggs!
  • Emily, from A Mummy Too, looks great on YouTube, sharing her recipes and kitchen gadget reviews.  She even has a little team behind her now. Go Emily!
  • Vicki, The Free From Fairy, is a free from specialist, Vicki creates simple family friendly recipes and helpful tips and advice for anyone with food allergies with her informative videos.
  • Grace doesn’t fail to impress with the way she presents healthy food in a creative and  fun way with a specialty in bento lunch boxes. Her YouTube channel is Eats Amazing.
  • Foodie Laura loves to eat, she shares every stage of the food process from growing it, unboxing it, grocery hauls and recipes.
  • The YouTube channel Tastefully Vikkie is all about rewarding your body with delicious foods that are healthy and exciting and her weekly recipes focus on less unnecessary bad fats and refined sugars.
  • The Finediningindian.com channel shows how to transform home cooked Indian food to a fine dining level. A very colourful and tasty account.
  • If you want healthy food which tastes great, Simon from The Diet Kitchen transforms all our favourites into healthier versions; mousakka, lemon tart, curries, flapjacks and more.

Let us know if you share your recipes on YouTube by leaving the link below and we’ll come and have a look.

Sally is the publisher of Foodies100, the UK's largest directory of brilliant UK food and drink blogs and bloggers. Every day of the week, we promote the UK's best and most exciting blogs about food and drink.

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  1. Yes I can really agree you should visit al’s kitchen web page / you tube channel. Whilst there are many vloggers on You Tube with traditional indian recipes, Al teaches people to cook the food that they get in British Indian restaurants (BIR) and take-aways. The flavours are exceptional and the presentation very good.

    I have made many of his recipes already and found them easy to make and of exceptional taste and quality. As an introduction I would suggest that you try his curry base gravy, his chicken jalfrezi and his chicken madras. Once you have tried these I am sure that like me you will go on to try his many other recipes.

    It’s not just me that is saying this. look at the Facebook comments and You Tube feedback comments and thumbs up ratios he’s getting… there are even lots of people saying there that they are now cooking at home and have cut down on take-aways & restaurant visits … surely there is no better accolade than that.

  2. Thank you so much for including me on the list! I feel privileged and also watch Foodie Laura, A Mummy Too, My Fussy Eater & Free From Fairy. I’ve now subscribed to the others too to dabble with more recipes x

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