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Monetize your blog and get taken seriously by brands and PR's

Most people start a food blog because they love sharing their recipes. However, if you intend using your blog as a form of income and want to be taken seriously it can sometimes be a little disheartening when you feel as though you keep being passed over for opportunities. We have some really helpful advice which you should consider if you are looking for sponsored posts, review opportunities and invitations to events, and also hopefully answer some questions about why you might not always be the ideal candidate for the job.


This is so important, it’s the first thing someone landing on your blog will notice and we can’t say it enough; beautiful, large photographs and a well lit clean theme (nothing too busy/garish). The theme should also be easy to navigate. Images which have been taken by the blogger rather than brand images, are preferable.

Social Media

A strong following on social media is crucial but just as important is your engagement, make sure you interact with your followers, have conversations and don’t just dump links and run.


Some food brands can’t be seen marketing to children, so will avoid anyone with ‘mum’ in the title, others want to appeal to over 40s, some to under 25s, some to couples. So, whilst you might think you’re the perfect fit for a brand, do not take it personally if they don’t.


Also key, even though it’s hard to swallow, is the way a blogger looks/presents themselves. At Foodies100 we are increasingly being asked for ABC1 millennial, which translates into young, affluent, attractive people who will look good on a brand’s channel or website.


It should go without saying but past reviews must be of high quality for a company to consider using a blogger. They should be honest, detailed and not read as though taken straight out of a catalogue.


Of course any company is going to choose the blog that fits with the higher traffic stats. Look at ways to increase your stats, we have lots of informative posts on our blogging and tech section on how you can do this. Ask fellow food bloggers how they gain traffic.

SEO ranking is also becoming increasingly important. Check your ranking, see where your weaknesses are and try and improve in those areas. It’s the boring side of blogging but if you want to get the work it is something you need to dedicate some time to.

Reasons you haven’t got ‘the job’

Even if you feel as though you’ve ticked all the boxes, don’t be discouraged if you haven’t been chosen for a particular campaign. It could be something as simple as you’ve previously covered a direct competitor of the brand or product.

Do your research

It’s a competitive world out there, is there a food blogger you admire and aspire to? See what they are doing to get noticed, is their blog bright, attractive and clear? How do they engage with their readers? How informative and detailed are their reviews? Do they have a niche?

Join networks, talk to other bloggers.

A good blog takes dedication, determination and a lot of hard work. Whilst there are some things completely out of your control, for example, demographics and you’re either a Millenial ABC1 or you’re not, but if you take some of the steps suggested above there is no reason why you shouldn’t have the offers flooding in.





Sally is the publisher of Foodies100, the UK's largest directory of brilliant UK food and drink blogs and bloggers. Every day of the week, we promote the UK's best and most exciting blogs about food and drink.

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