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It’s my favourite time of the month, the chance to have a nosy around one of Foodies100 blogger’s kitchen. This month we are being treated to an extra special tour around Elinor’s beach hut kitchen. Elinor, who blogs at Beach Hut Cook,  is lucky to live by the sea spending a huge amount of time in the family’s beach hut.  Elinor says there is nothing better than a feast by the sea with the odd cocktail or two thrown in. Sounds heavenly doesn’t it.

Over to Elinor…

Our beach hut is a short walk from our house and we often head down there for our supper or just a quick cuppa, or maybe a cocktail or two.


The “kitchen area” is actually a camping stove on an IKEA unit but don’t be fooled by its simplicity as that’s the whole style of my blog. Anything I make at the hut can easily be cooked either at home, in the garden, on a woody walk or camping. Simple tasty food with family and friends.

I cook on a single gas burner but I am just about to start using a new camping stove with two burners and grill. I am very excited about this as normally I cook everything in stages and then assemble at the end. I can’t wait to make toast for breakfast at the beach hut which is hugely decadent and a real treat.


Most of the kitchen equipment is either hand-me-downs from my darling late Mum or charity shop finds. Nothing costs more than £5: that’s the rule. The beach hut means fun so I don’t want to worry over breakages or losing things that just don’t matter. Memories and giggles are priceless not stuff.

The royal mugs were bought for no more than 50p each in charity shops for a party, which was a riot. All I need to finish the collection is Prince Edward’s wedding; not so easy to find I tell you.


There are lots of china teacups and saucers as who doesn’t like a proper cup of tea in a china cup? I have enamel cups for those moments when a mug to cup in your hands will do, especially after a sea swim when you have that chilly glow of warm clothes but damp hair and the promise of griddled cake with a cup of earl grey.

I don’t mind plastic cups, plates etc but I never seem to get rid of that smell which reminds me of being a child and feeling short-changed because my Mum’s friend’s kids had cartons of real orange juice not squash in a stacking beaker.


Our beach hut was broken into a few years ago but we’d had a party there the night before and we were slightly “tired” when we placed/shoved everything back in the hut and we think the burglars thought we must have already been turned over!


Our kids are now in their late teens, early twenties and not only enjoy the hut with us but have their friends down for a beach day on their own which always makes me have a silent hug inside. Although I do have to remind them not to have their music at nosebleed volume! Yeah right.

I’ve recently been cooking on a fire pit with a tripod and it’s brilliant. It makes cooking quite exciting as you never know if it’s going to be cooked to perfection or burnt to a crisp! It’s always huge fun and always involves lots of talking, eating and giggling which is what our life at the beach hut is all about.

To find out more about Elinor follow her blog Beach Hut Cook, or on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.






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