Twenty Tasty Ways to Eat Pumpkin


Hello Autumn! There is something so beautiful about this month; the misty mornings and glorious sunsets, the purples, oranges and reds of the falling leaves, and the autumnal produce of butternut squash, pumpkin, beetroot and plums among many others.

Pumpkin is actually a fruit hence it’s versatility in sitting happily in a curry or stew (thanks to it’s meaty flesh) or adding natural sweetness to muffins or pie. Not only does it taste great, pumpkin is also a fabulous source of fibre, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants, and it’s seeds are little nuggets of goodness too with their omega 3 fatty acids, and high levels of iron and zinc.

In celebration of pumpkin we have put together our favourite pumpkin recipes from around the web…

Look away now if you’re not prepared to head straight to the kitchen to make Baking Queen 74’s  gorgeous pumpkin spice churros! Think double pumpkin spice…in the batter, and in the sugar. Mmmm.

pumpkin-spice-churros-3-light[Image credit Baking Queen 74]

A mouthwatering roast pumpkin with lemony quinoa is Rebel Recipes’ big bowl of wholesome goodness. It looks absolutely gorgeous with big hunks of meaty pumpkin and crunchy hazelnuts.

Have you ever thought if having your pumpkin pie in a smoothie? Hummusapian has, and this creamy pumpkin spice smoothie is packed with fibre, antioxidants and is refined sugar free for the perfect breakfast.

If you are looking for a guilt free post workout pick me up you can’t go wrong with Gluten Free Blogger’s gluten free chocolate pumpkin brownies which are packed full of protein and look really delicious too.

chocolate browniesImage credit [Gluten Free Blogger]

Pumpkins make lovely soups and Loretta’s Kitchen has made a tasty roasted pumpkin and garlic soup with a bit of extra heat from a Scotch bonnet.

Everyone needs a glazed pumpkin donut in their life, yes? These beauties from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen are baked, not fried and ready in mere minutes!

Pumpkins are great for stuffing and this stuffed pumpkin with stilton and walnut paté from Thinly Spread makes a hearty meal for the whole family or by using smaller pumpkins would make a showstopping starter.

stuffed-pumpkinImage Credit [Thinly Spread]

Just picture ‘meaty’ portobello mushrooms filled with creamy sweet pumpkin mash and topped with caramelised walnuts…what a wonderful vegetarian meal from The Petite Cook.

I love muffins made with fruit and vegetables and these pumpkin muffins with maple crunch from The Little Loaf look so good, plus they are refined sugar free, perfect for a breakfast or teatime treat.

p1070114Image credit [The Little Loaf]

A great ingredient for curries because it can retain some texture and shape and what better way to eat it than as a hot and sour curry. Hari Ghotra’s pumpkin curry recipe uses lots of spices and a generous amount of green chillies for heat and amchoor for sour.

If you think you can’t have a pumpkin spiced latte because you are watching the calories, you obviously haven’t seen Pinch Of Nom’s syn free pumpkin spiced latte. And, there is also a fabulous recipe for syn free pumpkin spiced latte mini doughnuts too! I know…how they spoil us.

pumpkin-spiced-latte-2-1024x683Image Credit [Pinch Of Nom]

And ten more delicious pumpkin recipes…


What are your favourite ways of serving up pumpkin?

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