Ten Fantastic ‘Free From’ Bloggers

lemon drizzle cakePhoto Credit- The Intolerant Gourmand

If you suddenly find yourself having to exclude a major food group from yours or a member of your family’s diet it can often seem very daunting. How on earth are you going to cope without being able to use eggs, or gluten or perhaps dairy in your meals? Or maybe it’s something even more obscure such as sulphites or lupin (often hidden in seeded bread and pizzas).

Fortunately there is a lot more awareness about specialist diets than even five or ten years ago and there are a lot of people writing recipes which cater for just about every food allergen going.

gluten-free-sticky-maple-pecan-sponge-pudding-2-1600x1067Photo Credit- Gluten Free Cuppa Tea

Here are ten food bloggers who specialise in writing ‘free from’ recipes and a taste of what amazing goodies they have on offer which show that just because you have to avoid certain ingredients doesn’t mean you have to compromise on fun, fabulous tasty food!

  • The Intolerant Gourmand is written by Nathalie who started  developing dairy-free, egg-free, tomato-free, wheat-free, gluten-free and more recipes after her child was diagnosed with severe allergies. Check out her delicious lemon drizzle cake  which is dairy, gluten and egg free.
  • Do you love fudge but think it’s off limits now? The Gluten Free Alchemist, who turned her kitchen into a laboratory (in the quest for tasty gluten free recipes) after her daughter was diagnosed with coeliac disease, has a recipe for raw chocolate-raspberry fudge which is gluten, dairy, refined sugar and soya free. It is also vegan.
  • Vicki, The Free From Fairy, spends many hours in the kitchen experimenting with food to create exciting healthy free from recipes that are all gluten-free & mainly dairy-free. Look at Vicki’s amazing gluten free and dairy free Christmas tree tear and share bread.
Gluten free tear and share breadPhoto Credit- The Free From Fairy
  • Whilst sadly The Peachicks Bakery is winding down a bit for now, there are still a lot of great recipes to make from Midgie, mum of three children with multiple allergies. We love this vegan Christmas cake biscotti recipe which would make great gifts for the festive season.
  • If you are looking for a hearty and warming family friendly meal The Adventures Of An Allergy Mummy has a chickpea and spinach curry which is gluten free and vegan. Chloe is mum to two children and started the blog primarily for parents/carers of children with allergies, eczema and other health conditions.
  • Le Coin de Mel is written by mum of four Mel who develops free from recipes for the whole family after her daughter was diagnosed with multiple allergies. Free from doesn’t have to be boring, at all, and we love Mel’s quick and easy popcorn marshmallow bars. Mmmmm.
Popcorn Marshmallow BarsPhoto Credit- Le Coin de Mel
  • With two food allergic children Free From Farmhouse shares recipes to help other families face the world with food allergies. This vegan aquafaba wagon wheels recipe looks so good!
  • Paleo Crust is written by Jo who radically changed her diet after being diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis. If you are looking for something really tasty how about a mouthwatering Persian cauliflower rice with pumpkin seeds and parsley crisps?
  • Gluten Free Cuppa Tea is written by Becky who can’t eat gluten. Becky shares her recipes and adventures on eating out and shopping via her blog and YouTube channel. She also has a really tasty sticky maple and pecan sponge pudding recipe which is dairy free as well as gluten free.
  • Ceri writes at Natural Kitchen Adventures, a natural chef most of Ceri’s recipes are gluten and dairy free but above all full of flavour and goodness. She has made a festive vegan and gluten free lebkuchen (German gingerbread).
LebkuchenPhoto credit- Natural Kitchen Adventures

Let us know if you try any of these great recipes.

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  1. Ah thank you for featuring me alongside all these other amazing bloggers! Yep winding down for a couple of months – decided to have a winter hibernation to spend some time with the Peachicks, regroup after a tough couple of years and looking forward to experimenting with some new recipes ready for spring so not going for too long!

  2. Oh well done peeps, fab mentions…wee bit jealous but blogging has not been up-to-scratch recently! Great to have you all as rile models….really, really need my kitchen fitting now….#3weeksnokitchen

  3. Thanks so much Nova for the feature. I feel so privileged to have met such lovely bloggers who also understand the importance of making food easy, fun and delicious for those with allergies and autoimmune conditions. You are all amazing, Jo x

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