Christmas Traditions


Christmas Traditions

For many people Christmas is all about creating family traditions and ones around food are the traditions we particularly love to hear about at Foodies100!

So, we asked are a few people to share their favourite traditions and recipes for the festive season…

  • Pinch of Nom- ‘We cook for around 50 on Christmas day for all the older people who would otherwise be on their own. We cook them a 3-course dinner, then they have a day of fun and festivities inc a visit from Father Christmas. We make up a little goodie bag for them in the afternoon – turkey butties, scones, mince pies and a bag of these biscuits. Our little gift to them’
  • ‘Christmas Eve we always cook the turkey and have hot turkey sandwiches while watching Scrooged. Done this since we were little and now do it with our children too.’ – Country Heart & Home
  • North East Family Fun– ‘My mum always cooks beef on Christmas Eve and we are VERY naughty and dip some bread in the juices (sorry if this makes anyone feel gross!)’
  • We attempt to make a gingerbread house on Xmas eve – usually a flat pack from IKEA‘- DD’s Diary
  • ‘Christmas Eve is the one time a year that my husband bakes with the kids. They always make cakes or biscuits to leave out for Santa together while I relax in a bubble bath. They still do it now even though the kids are almost 12 and 14.’ – Diary of a Frugal Family
  • A Mother’s Ramblings -‘ Growing up we always had slices of ham and cold tomatoes for breakfast on Christmas morning but my children have rebelled and like Pancakes!’
  • ‘My youngest has his birthday on Christmas Day, so we have Christmas in the morning and birthday in the afternoon. The day is split with Christmas dinner at lunchtime with birthday cake pudding (gluten and dairy free because of his intolerances’- A Free From Life
  • ‘We always make a new gravy – last year was Marmite…it was not good!’- Time To Gossip
  • ‘I always make gingerbread houses with my Swedish brother in law on Christmas Eve! It’s a huge tradition over there, so it makes him feel at home. Every year we try to improve on the previous year – last year it ended up as a full gingerbread village!’- Wunderlust Chloe
  • Little Stuff– ‘C and I spend the whole of Christmas Eve in the kitchen – children used to go out with grandparents for the day, now they’re packed off upstairs with a picnic.
    We make ALL the Christmas foods – boil/glaze the ham, prep the turkey, pigs in blankets, cheesecake, jellies & blancmanges from scratch, chocolate cracklets, cranberry sauce, bread sauce, prep veg, roulade… all accompanied by a few glasses of wine, Christmas Songs & carols on repeat and finishing with the 9 Lessons and Carols from Kings on Radio 4.’
    It’s our own private Christmas and we treasure it.
  • In the FoodieQuine house it is also an annual tradition of making and decorating a gingerbread house 
  • ‘The kids and I always make these mince pies on the 23rd, ready for Christmas Eve! We can’t make them Christmas Eve day because it’s my daughters birthday and we’re usually out celebrating!’ – Intolerant Gourmand
  • ‘Hubby hates Christmas pudding so our tradition is to have cake instead’- Me Becoming Mum
  • Squidgyboo– ‘We invite my daughter’s friends round on Christmas Eve for a cookie decorating party, it really kicks off the Christmas festivities for us!’

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Christmas Traditions

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