9 Superfood Breakfast Ideas with Real Manuka Honey


If you’re anything like us, the new year has brought about lots of good intentions around getting a good breakfast each morning. 

Luckily, our Foodies100 bloggers have come up trumps and, in association with Rowse Honey, have developed 10 amazing superfood breakfasts incorporating Rowse Manuka Honey

Did you know that some current guidelines on testing and labelling do not adequately define what constitutes authentic Manuka Honey?

Only honey farmed in New Zealand from bees feeding on the nectar of the Manuka tree can be considered authentic Manuka honey. Manuka honey has a special antibacterial action known as NPA, which is widely recognised and bought for its perceived health benefits, and is believed to have immune boosting properties. 

To ensure all Rowse Manuka Honey is 100% authentic, it’s tested twice; once at source in New Zealand and again on arrival in the UK. By testing it twice Rowse ensures that customers are getting the real deal every time.

Today we are sharing some amazing breakfasts combining real Rowse Manuka Honey with fabulously healthy and delicious ingredients to get you inspired tomorrow morning! 

Porridge with Manuka Honey

This gorgeous porridge from Farmers’ Girl Kitchen combines manuka honey with oats, chia seeds and goji berries. Start the night before for best results, and you’ll have a warming and filling bowl to start the day. Full recipe 

Breakfast Pinwheel Wraps with Manuka Honey 

How pretty are these pinwheel wraps from Fab Food 4 All? Drizzled with Rowse Manuka Honey, they’re a winning combination of cream cheese, sliced banana and walnuts. Perfection! Full recipe 

Oaty Blueberry Pancakes with Manuka Honey 

Pancakes are usually associated with a treat breakfast, but this version from The Slimming Foodie is positively angelic, with oats and crunchy almonds, as well as blueberries. The great thing about oats at breakfast is they keep you satisfied until lunch without the need for snacking! full recipe

Honey Glazed Plums with Overnight Oats 

These overnight oats from Chris at Thinly Spread look almost too good to eat! The oats are soaked with almond milk and greek yoghurt, then topped with honey-glazed plums – delicious. Full recipe 

Superfood Breakfast Muffins 

We absolutely love these breakfast muffins from My Fussy Eater. They’re packed with goodness, combining manuka honey with chia and flax seeds, with banana and vanilla for a comforting, sweet taste. Full recipe 



Want even more ideas? 

Maca Oatmeal, Manuka Honey and Seed Shards from Veggie Desserts 

Honey cinammon crumpets, from Kellie’s Food to Glow 

One pan no-bake granola with Manuka Honey from Wholesome Ireland 

Apple pie overnight oats, from Amuse Your Bouche 






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