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Vegetarian Blogs

Following a vegetarian diet is becoming more and more popular as people become increasingly aware about the food they are eating. Vegetarian and vegan food is now seen as exciting and cutting edge, most certainly not boring, and the possibilities are endless with super tasty recipes jam packed with tons of goodness.  When you look at the following ten blogs, you’ll find inspiring recipes and photography that will make you want to dive straight into the screen

Ten vegetarian food blogs…

  • The Veg Space is a vegan blog written by Kate, author of Vegan in 15,  for modern vegans and vegetarians. She promises there will not be a nut cutlet in sight! The family will be fighting over these speedy & spicy chilli bean burritos.
  • Laura’s blog The Whole Ingredient is all about comfort food for the body and soul. The vegan recipes are wholesome, simple and quick to make. How about a sweet potato popcorn pie; nutty, creamy, custardy and topped with smoky crisp popcorn. Mmmmm.
  • Amuse Your Bouche is written by Becca, a cheese loving vegetarian, recipes include seitan steak frites with mustard tarragon sauce, warm brown rice salad with roasted aubergine & pistachios and a tasty vegetarian haggis and mushroom wellington.
  • Jacqueline writes Tinned Tomatoes, with a huge choice of over 600 easy family vegetarian and vegan recipes plus a weekly meal plan of seven recipe ideas. Easy broccoli & spinach soup is perfect for the winter months, and fits right into the 5:2 diet!
  • Thinly Spread is about vegetarian family life on land and sea from vegetarian lover of life, and mum to four, Chris. The recipes always look so tempting and this braised lentils with sausages, tomatoes and green peppers is comfort food at it’s best.
  • Choclette is a vegetarian recipe developer and writer from Cornwall with a sweet tooth and a passion for baking and chocolate. We love Choclette’s vegan chocolate banashew aka chocolate banana cashew cake.
  • Simply Food written by Nayna, has a whopping 900 + tried and tested vegetarian recipes, and is a place where East meets West through vegetarian food, taste and travels. We’re getting ready to tuck into the vegetarian vermicelli pasta bowl!
  • Kip is a self-confessed messy cook and writes the blog Messy Vegetarian Cook, a vegan recipe and travel blog about Kip’s adventures and concoctions. Coffee cola fried tofu anyone? Doesn’t it sound fab, it looks amazing too!
  • The Tofu Diaries is full of tasty plant-based vegan recipes inspired by Natalie’s love of trying new ingredients and international cuisines. No-knead bread, really? Oh yes indeed…Natalie has a delicious no-knead bread with sweet potato & pine nuts.
  • Nico writes the vegan blog YumSome. Having lived in 51 different places around the world Nico has a huge amount of knowledge about food, and her love of it oozes out of the fabulous dishes she makes and recreates, such as this quick ‘n’ easy vegan Tom Yam.

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