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We welcome Kelly who writes Reduced Grub. Kelly shows us how you don’t have to have a luxury budget for a decent shop. Shopping like a ninja Kelly feeds her family of four like kings for a fraction of a normal shop.

Over to Kelly…

Being dubbed the shopping Ninja is quite a strange title, however I wear it with pride as my goal to share with folk, is to eat fab for pennies.

I stumbled across this new way of thinking a couple of years back when a crazy and quick change in circumstances made my comfortable shopping allowance become hung, drawn and quartered in front of me, and after a good revaluation , I picked myself up and lived by the rule, what don’t kill you, makes you stronger !

Now with my shopping budget at virtually zilch, it meant I had very little room for error and feeding my two youngsters rubbish, ready made food was totally out of the question.  You see, I like to know what is going into their bellies and a box of chicken nuggets with 50% chicken in them is not really going to put a sparkle in their eyes, so my goal was to be able to still feed them well but for a whole lot less money.

It was the chance meeting of a lady with a reduction gun that set the fire alight and the shopping Ninja was Born!

Now ladies and gentlemen, do you know what sell by date means?

It means a big fat diddly squat.

Yellow stickers on food is just a way of the supermarkets moving food for the newer products to be added to the shelves, a rotation system and a way of keeping the sales flow constant. It does not mean that it is inedible, bad or unfit for human consumption, it just means your a clever and savvy shopper if you pick these things up for a quarter of the price to what it was an hour previous!

This way of shopping made us as a family still eat well, and we did not lose out on anything. Both fresh and dry stores were purchased in this manner and I learnt to use my freezer a lot more and buy fresh products to combine with what I had in the freezer. My freezer currently holds a vast array of products from Tuna steaks, frozen figs, curry leaves to bulk food that I have made, ready for when I have a busy day.

I also freeze bread for toast, marrow bones for fab sauces, gravy and soups and birthday cakes, which I pick up for upcoming birthdays, this has saved me heaps over the years.

As I am now a frugal convert, I use many other ways of introducing healthy extras into the meals, such easy hacks that anybody can do. My little boy is a fussy eater but I manage to get him to eat soooooo many “That’s Gross “ foods without him knowing, I have learnt many different techniques that has made me perform several fist pumps over the years, when he doesn’t realise he is eating lentils or five vegetables blended into his pasta sauce, but for an easy life I will let him carry on thinking he is eating what he enjoys for a couple of years yet.

My main job along side blogging is that of a Stewardess for a national carrier, and I nearly always work in First class where I learn how to make food look pretty, combinations and flavours that work well together and some of the meals that we serve at 38,000 feet is really fabtastic, however if the same meals were to be served in a top class, high end restaurant, then you would be talking mega bucks!

With my reduced priced food, I make my own recipes up and present them, as I would in the sky and show that these can be made at stupid price.

Anyone can eat posh for pennies, and it can also be done in a super healthy manner.

These low fat, healthy, chicken kebabs for four cost 50 pence each!

So many people are on the breadline financially and often eating a good balanced diet is hard for them, or so they think, I hope that I can share my knowledge with people on a low income or tough times and show them that there is an option to eat well. I have gathered reduction times for Supermarkets and shared them on my blog to try and help people eat fab for less, and I even hope that people who are luckily on good budgets, learn how to hide or introduce goodness into their diet.

I am now stepping off my soap box, in my lovely Dune shoes which I picked up for a bargain price of £15 may I add, and I hope that I have not made you fall asleep with my jabberings on. Thank you so much for spending five minutes in my world!

You can follow Kelly at Reduced Grub, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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