Retro Recipes to Take you Back to your Childhood!


Retro recipes

At the beginning of the year we introduced ten food trends predicted for 2017 but we saved our favourite for a whole post of it’s own…

1970’s inspired food and retro recipes are supposed to be big this year so we asked our favourite bloggers what food they loved as a child and for their best retro recipes, we love what they came up with.

  • Mummy In A Tutu shares her Nanny’s cauliflower cheese recipe
  • Jo from Jo’s Kitchen loved cauliflower cheese and fish fingers, mashed potatoes, peas and parsley sauce as a child and now makes her own version including homemade fish fingers.
  • A classic retro pud from Easy Peasy Lemon Sqeezy, pineapple upside down cake, mmmm.
  • Melanie’s Fab Finds’ loved meatballs so much as child she recreated them to make turkey meatballs
  • Foodie Quine has a huge list of favourite childhood foods including Steakhouse Grills, Toast Toppers, Spam Fritters, Top Deck Lemonade Shandy, Creamola Foam, Ice Magic, Cheese & Pineapple Hedgehog, Spangles, Ringos, Pacers, Mintolas, Montego, Viennetta, Arctic Roll, Quatro, Appeal Oranje Juice, Tiger Tots, Abbey Crunch. How many of those can you remember? She can also remember her very first cookbook.
  • Macaroni cheese from Day Dreaming Foodie will conjure up childhood memories for so many
  • Having immigrant parents meant Kavey Eats’ childhood food experience was different to many of her friends, she had a mix of British and Indian food, and then her mum also taught herself Chinese, Greek, Italian and others via cookery books, one of her favourite’s was Mamta’s delicious Lucknowi-style lamb biryani
  • Beach Hut Cook’s love of outdoor cooking goes back to her childhood and she shares a cook anywhere campfire dinner recipe
  • Hands up who else had a ‘thing’ for crispy pancakes? Madhouse Family Reviews has actually managed to create a homemade version of the chicken and bacon crispy pancakes!
  • Colette who writes at We’re Going On An Adventure loved bean rounders as a child!
  • Do you remember school dinners’ cornflake tart? Little Stuff shares a straight-from-the-school-cooks-mouth cornflake tart recipe.
  • Growing up in Italy The Petite Cook’s favorite things to eat was spaghetti and she has made a lighter version of her mum’s traditional spaghetti with meatballs
  • Sequin This loved fish finger butties!
  • Irina who writes Wave to Mummy says, ‘ My grandmothers meatballs – with gravy and mashed potato.
    Another favourite was (at my grandmothers again) ham sandwiches – the defining factor was that they always got ham from the butchers that was overcooked, very tender and sliced so thinly it started breaking apart… incredibly tasty and melt in your mouth type of ham! I still sometimes request this at the butchers counters at supermarkets and they always look at me a bit funny.’
  • My Little Italian Kitchen grew up eating ‘zuf’ (pumpkin porridge) for breakfast.
  • These melting moments were a childhood recipe favourite I made at every opportunity
  • Le Coin de Mel’s green lentil stew reminds her of her great-grandmother
  • A Strong Coffee makes her Grandma’s shortbread biscuits which remind her of being little
  • Mince and tomato crumble was a regular meal as Searching For Spice was growing up
  • Mummy Be Beautiful shares an old school favourite, caramel tart
  • The first thing Recipes Made Easy ever cooked, and very retro indeed, rock cakes


Do you have any retro favourites to add? Don’t forget to check out the other food trends predicted for 2017.

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