30 Kitchen Hacks you probably didn’t know you needed in your life!


Everyone loves a life hack, anything to make life a little easier and those mundane chores a bit shorter. Tweaking everyday things can make you more efficient, productive and may even save you money!

We have thirty fantastic kitchen hacks (you probably didn’t know you needed in your life) to make your time in the kitchen a little bit less stressful!

  • Don’t peel your carrots, scrubbing is quicker and easier and lots of the nutrients are in the skin- Tin and Thyme
  •  Katy Kicker –use your slow cooker, you can cook almost everything in it. If life gets busy during the ‘witching hour’ you can still have a delicious dinner and avoid the takeaways’
  • Look at the ingredients of prepackaged lunch box food, says Lucy from The Parent Game. Sometimes you can recreate it much cheaper, using small plastic tubs, for a fraction of the cost and it doesn’t take long at all.
  • Thrifty Mum– Use an ice-cream scoop to evenly portion out cookie dough
  • Chop up fresh herbs and freeze them in ice cube trays with a little olive oil. You then have individual portions of herbs ready to add to you recipes as and when required- Simply Food
  • Lylia Rose – If your bananas are browning don’t throw them away! Peel them, pop them in the freezer in a tub & use them for ice cold smoothies/milkshakes. Blend with milk and voila!
  • If you’re using fresh yeast to bake bread, add rub straight into the flour, no need to add water/sugar first – Severn Bites
  • Veggie Desserts‘ Kate says, ‘if you forgot to leave butter out to soften, just grate it and leave it for a few minutes.
  • ‘Kitchen scissors are a big time saver. When you’re in a rush and throwing a slow cook casserole together, cutting the meat with scissors directly into the pot is a lot quicker and a lot easier. Plus they are a lot safer than a sharp knife when you’re really in a massive rush.’ – A Cornish Mum
  • Beauties and The Bibs– Keep cling film In the fridge . It makes using it so much easier as it comes away really easily.
  • Hide veg into food by grating it and adding to mince/tuna. Carrots and courgette work great and make the food nice and juicy and the meal a bit cheaper – Wave To Mummy
  • Boo, Roo and Tigger Too – Purchase your meat in bulk via your local butcher or an online butcher. Portion the meat up into takeaway containers, label and freeze. Then you have portion sized meats available whenever you need them. Works out cheaper than supermarkets and less wastage too
  • Utterly Scrummy– Freeze your wedge of parmesan, it will keep for much longer and you can grate it on to, or into, dishes from frozen using a very fine grater. Also, check how fresh your eggs are by using the float test. Gently place eggs in a bowl of cold water, If the egg sinks to the bottom it’s OK. If it floats, it has seen better days. The easier an egg floats, the older it is.
  • For fruit that takes an age to ripen, place them near bananas to push them along – LesBeMums
  • Pack The PJs– Ikea food bags – brilliant inside school lunch boxes. Put all the lunch inside one of the bags, request child to put all rubbish in bag and not loose inside lunchbox, then it’s easy to throw away without discovering a stinking yucky mess when you empty it!
  • Jo’s Kitchen uses tubes of garlic and ginger purée plus frozen chopped onions. All of the flavour for your dish but minimal effort required! 
  • Pinkoddy– Buy frozen veg. Not only does it save time on prep and help reduce food waste but it is great for fussy eaters as it is simple to take something out the freezer for everyone’s tastes
  • Store dried fruit and nuts in recycled glass jars, as it will keep them fresher for longer once opened. Cut the labels off the packets and stick them to jars with sellotape- Mummy Tries
  • For making smoothies, Emma from Island Living 365 buys reduced fruit from supermarket and then chops and puts them with other fruit into a sandwich bag, labels and places in freezer. Then in the morning a smoothie can be made quickly by just chucking the frozen fruit into a blender
  • Meal plan – it helps you budget and you save loads of time deciding what to cook. Besides you can try out various cuisines. Also try and cook with whatever is in your home – veggies etc. It saves on wastage.-Jacintaz Three
  • Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs– Split your mincemeat up into portions before freezing. This way you can use what you need instead of having to thaw out the whole lot
  • Freeze fruit,  it makes a great chilled smoothie without the need for ice- Time2Gossip
  • Mum In The Madhouse– Teach the kids to cook and then you can have some time off and get them to cook the evening meal once a week!
  • When hosting a big dinner lay out all of your serving dishes in advance with a post-it-note on each saying what you’ll be serving in them- Supper in the Suburbs
  • The Petite Cook– Wrap your fresh herbs in kitchen paper and store in the fridge in an airtight container, they will keep fresh for a week!
  • Fuss Free FlavoursLove your freezer! it also helps to reduce food waste. Currently Helen’s freezer contains, a champagne cooler – you never know when you might need a second emergency bottle (the first emergency bottle lives in the fridge), cheese rinds – for stocks and stews, lemon and lime slices – for G&T and milk frozen in ice cube trays.
  • Mummy Be Beautiful says, ‘when I meal plan I ask the kids (11&12yrs) which dinners they would like to eat that week, it definitely gives them a sense of responsibility about choosing a variety of foods and contributing to the meal plan.’
  • I always cut up chicken thighs with scissors. Got a great pair from TKMAXX for about £4 and they’re a godsend!- Good Egg Foodie
  • Mum Dad Plus 4– Garlic peeling, just pop your cloves in a jar with lid on and shake, I hate peeling garlic we use one of the kids old Butlins cocktail shakers
  • If all else fails, Who’s The Mummy says there is always the Domino’s mobile app!

Do you have any kitchen hacks you just cannot live without?

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