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We welcome Kerry who writes the blog Kerry Cooks as our Blog of the Month! Kerry is a self-confessed Cookie-dough addict, rainbow cake lover, friend to cats, and has never met a pizza she didn’t like.

Kerry Cooks

Over to Kerry…

What inspired you to start your blog?

I loved baking and wanted to get back into it – and I was reading a lot of different blogs – mainly healthy living ones at the time! It took a few years to decide to make the leap myself (I bribed myself with a new laptop) but I’ve never regretted it.

Has your content changed much since you started?

When I first started posting in 2011, I posted five days a week! And the pictures were… often not good! I’d like to think it’s more quality over quantity now.

What have you learned since starting your blog?

I’ve found a tremendously close community of blogging friends, and something I never would have expected to happen has – some of them are now my closest in real life friends too!

My photography skills have definitely improved, although it’ll never be my favourite…. And I’ve learned that homemade CAKE makes you extraordinarily popular!

What has surprised you about blogging?

I didn’t realise at all how professional it would become. I started blogging in 2010, and things were very different. I also think it (still) takes me by surprise just how time consuming it is – you really have to love what you’re doing to carry on.

How do you balance blogging and real life?

Ah! That is a tough one, especially with a busy full time job! A blog is basically an additional job, albeit one that I love. But I think people will find time to anything that matters to them. I try to assign one evening a week for a blog session, and also periodically try to get ahead when I have a few days off work.

What’s the best thing about writing your blog? And the worst?

The best thing is definitely connecting with my readers and making a difference in their lives. When people tweet me a picture of the Rainbow Cake they never thought they’d be able to make for the child’s first birthday, it makes me sooo happy.

The worst is probably the feeling that there’s always something you’re falling behind on – SEO, video skills, social media followers – there’s always something you feel like you’re doing badly on while everyone else is crushing it. I’ve learned to outsource things – you can’t become an expert on everything, and also that it’s okay to not do all the things that other bloggers are doing.

Rainbow Cake

What advice would you give someone starting a foodie blog now?

Lots of people have asked me this, and I love sitting them down and showing them how to use wordpress to help get them going. I always say ‘just start’ – they might lose momentum or decide it’s not for them, but you’ll never know if you don’t try. I didn’t really expect I’d still be writing a blog seven years later, but if you carry on loving it, keep doing it!

Has blogging brought you any amazing opportunities or experiences?

Last year I starred in a video for Homesense showing people how to make a Rainbow Cake which was so scary and SO fun. Getting an opportunity that you first think “There’s no way I can do that” and end up doing and learning a lot from is lovely – blogging really pushes you out of your comfort zone!

Which have been your most popular posts?

I don’t even need to check my stats! These three are my superstars and I’m so pleased that they resonate with and help so many people – I get tonnes of lovely comments and images from readers who’ve made them.

  • Creme Egg Millionaire’s Shortbread
  • Foolproof Thick Cream Cheese Frosting

Rainbow Cake

And which are your personal favourites?

It has to be Rainbow Cake, although the Creme Egg Millionaire’s Shortbread would be a close second because SO MANY people go BONKERS for it and it’s so nice!        

With my Rainbow Cake recipe – when I first created it, there was no easy UK recipe for Rainbow Cake, and it’s just so touching to get emails and messages from all the people who make it for their special celebrations. I am so happy that it’s such an easy and simple recipe because it means that people who think they are awful bakers can make it, and it brings them so much pride and happiness. I even had a ten year old child make it successfully! 

How does it feel to be chosen as Foodies100 blog of the month?

Lovely! Blogging can feel like a bit of a lonely slog sometimes so it’s so nice to be recognised once in awhile – thanks guys!

To find more of Kerry’s delicious recipes you can find her at Kerry Cooks, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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