10 New UK Food Blogs to Follow


10 fantastic food bloggers

The Foodies100 community is now five years old, and we’ve grown to a community of over 5,000 UK food blogs. 

Today, we wanted to recognise that our community is STILL growing, and share 12 of our favourite new blogs that have joined Foodies100 in the past month or two. 

Please do click through and check out these blogs – your support can make all the difference to a new blogger, and you never know when you might discover a favourite new blog or recipe! 

Let’s Eat Smart

Healthy vegetarian blog Let’s Eat Smart is the brainchild of Ewa, and has a huge array of veggie recipes from vegan desserts to spring risotto. And what doesn’t get eaten by Ewa? Goes to Peanut the dog. We definitely approve. 

My Geek Kitchen 

Another vegan blog, My Geek Kitchen is focused on simple vegan and vegetarian recipes, with a South Indian flavour. The blog reflects the many travels of its author Gayathri, who has travelled across Europe before settling in the UK with her family. 

London Meets Paris 

This luxury lifestyle blog promises to focus on its authors main passions – travel, food and Paris – what’s not to love? Author Helen says that her approach to food is all about the wonderful sensory experiences and memories, and she loves to explore food, restaurants and hotels – we can’t wait to see more on London Meets Paris


MAD Avocado 

Quite apart from having one of our favourite new blog names in quite some time, MAD Avocado is the adventure of two twentysomethings living in London and trying to recreate the magic of professional cooking with a fraction of the budget and none of the skill! It’s strictly savoury, with lots of chicken. 


From Suni’s Kitchen 

Another new blog that combines beautiful food and lifestyle content, From Suni’s Kitchen. Suni believes in cooking for smiles, avoiding recipes in favour of getting creating and cooking by taste. This blog celebrates bringing family and friends together to enjoy food, whether it’s a supper club or a family lunch. 


Allergy Out 

Finally! Allergy sufferers can now read a blog exclusively dedicated to reviews of restaurants that cater for those with allergies. Allergy Out is a blog created by Oliver and Alex, who have experience of allergies and restrictive diets. The site aims to help others with allergies find safe and delicious places to eat – and visitors can also leave reviews of their own experiences eating out. 

Salted Mint 

Salted Mint is new to Foodies100 this summer, and we’re already in love with the site, which has featured in several of our recipe round-ups. The site, written by a professional chef, aims to be a go-to hub of fast and fresh recipes that are all Weight Watchers friendly, and will make you feel amazing from the inside out. Packed with bold flavours and nutrient-rich recipes, there are also tips on meal planning and lots of inspiration. 

Oat So Delicious 

Sophie started blogging at Oat So Delicious after she was diagnosed with Coeliac disease. It’s all about healthy food you’ll love, with experimental breakfast and baking recipes. So if you love breakfast, and would like to be healthier, here’s a great place to start! 

The Greedy Vegan 

We were sold the moment we saw a recipe for no-churn pineapple ice cream over on The Greedy Vegan. With scrumptious recipes, inspiring photography and a fresh take on vegan cookery, you should definitely check out this new blog. 

The Sloe Cook 

This might be the first blog we’ve read that’s written by a chef turned military wife. The Sloe Cook is about the food to be discovered around the UK, along with a generous heap of inspiration to get out in the great outdoors with your family. 

Two Chubby Cubs

Not strictly a new blog, Two Chubby Cubs is new to the Foodies100 community. With irreverent (and frequently NSFW) recipes, these two guys have a lot of fun on Slimming World, sharing recipes for delicious food, with lots of swearing, a healthy dose of innuendo and lots, and lots of sarcasm. It’s a must read. 



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