Best (Gluten Free) Places to Eat in Manchester


This week, our Eat Like a Local feature is from Anyonita, a Manchester-based food and lifestyle blogger who is passionate about finding great gluten free food when eating out. 

Over to Anyonita: 

When you’re coeliac or just living a life without eating gluten, eating out can be a challenge. While most of people have heard of gluten free food, it’s mostly been hyped up as being an easy way to lose weight and is often viewed as a fad diet and not a serious medical condition. If you’re heading out in the UK’s second city (sorry Brum, it really is Manchester) and need the low down on the best restaurants for eating in when you’re gluten free, look no further than this list of 5 Manchester restaurants that are killing the gluten free game:

Gluten Free Mexican at Wahaca

The Corn Exchange, that trendy new hub of shopping and eating near the Manchester Cathedral, is home to the first Wahaca outside of London. They’ve got a separate menu that goes into varying degrees of gluten freedom: are you coeliac or maybe you just have a mild intolerance? The menu will steer you in the right direction! Oh and be prepared for the most incredible guacamole you’ve ever tasted, served with incredibly fresh gluten free tortillas.

Image by Whitakers

Gluten Free Fish and Chips at Whittakers

Just a stone’s throw from the Trafford Centre in up and coming Urmston is a fish and chip shop that serves a gluten free version of the nation’s favourite every single day of the week! You can also get your fill of classic savoury pies, Cornish pasties and sausages too!

Image by 8th Day

Gluten Free and Vegetarian at the 8th Day Cooperative

If you’ve ever wandered down Oxford Road, you’ll have passed this place. It’s just on the edge of Manchester’s bustling student area, opposite All Saints Park and is a stomping ground for vegetarians and vegans. Their 100 percent vegetarian cafe also boasts of lovely gluten free options, plus there’s a shop where you can stock your larder with gluten free treats!

Image by This and That

Gluten Free Rice and Three at This and That

Arguably, Manchester’s greatest secret and the city’s best curry cafe, This and That is a no frills, family-run establishment tucked away on an almost forgotten street in the Northern Quarter. Dodge the puddles and the uneven cobblestones on Soap Street and discover this hidden gem for yourself. For a fiver, choose rice and three curries–most of which are naturally gluten free; just double check with the staff if you’re unsure and be ready for the best curry you’ve ever eaten.

Image by Federal

Gluten Free the Aussie Way at Federal

If you manage to grab a brunch table at the always busy Federal, you’ll be laughing! This no bookings allowed place is always hopping and is full of Aussie and Kiwi flare! The menu is bursting with amazing dishes and no matter what you order, you WILL have food envy. It’s just how it is; it all sounds and look so damn good. Their gluten free choices are out of this world, too. The menu changes each month; so you’ve always got an excuse to go back!


Anyonita is a gluten free food blogger who lives in Manchester. She blogs recipes you wouldn’t believe were gluten free at Connect on Facebook at @anyonitanibbles or Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest at @anyonita!

Sally is the publisher of Foodies100, the UK's largest directory of brilliant UK food and drink blogs and bloggers. Every day of the week, we promote the UK's best and most exciting blogs about food and drink.

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