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This is our through the keyhole moment, so grab a cup of tea, sit back and relax because this month we are on tour in My Little Italian Kitchen. We are excited to be having a peak into mum of two Alida’s kitchen which is the hub for her healthy every day Mediterranean and Italian recipes.

Over to Alida…

Like most Italian kids I grew up watching my mother constantly cleaning and prepping vegetables in the kitchen; most of the veggies would come straight from the field so the kitchen table was always overflowing with greenies of all shapes and sizes which would later be turned into fab minestrone or into colourful salads bursting with flavour. How could I forget her bakings, her oh-so-tasty lasagna, risottos and her pumpkin breads. The word diet never entered our household but the food we ate was healthy, fresh and light too.

So here I am, repeating history. I love everything about my kitchen. I did not design it myself, it was exactly as it is now when I moved into the house although I did replace those tired looking wooden tops for some beautiful white Italian marble ones. They are just great for kneading bread, making pastry and pizza too.

Every day I spend so many hours in my kitchen and most of the things I love are there.

My collection of “moka pots” or stove-top coffee makers that produce coffee by passing boiling water pressurized by steam through ground coffee, are my favourite gadgets ever. I have mokas of different sizes depending on how many people I need to make coffee for.

Moka Pots

I could not live without my classic Nespresso machine. I am totally addicted to coffee: black, short, punchy, strictly sugar and milk free. I love to taste of coffee and the kick you get out of it.


After 18 years of living in the UK I have also acquired a taste for a proper British cuppa. For special occasions I enjoy my tea in the posh cups I was given by my mother in law. They belonged to her grandmother’s family and they are over 100 years old. So beautiful and yes, tea tastes better in a such fine china cups.

Tea Cups

My mirror sitting pretty on the kitchen wall is the centrepiece of the whole room with the vines drawn all around it. They have a kind of Mediterranean look which makes me feel at home.


I have a good collection of Italian cookery magazines where I get lots of inspiration from. Whenever I am in Italy, each time, I buy at least a couple of them and over the years I have collected quite a few. I make new recipes from my blog at least twice a week and my favourite food is always the Mediterranean one: fresh, light and full of colours. There is something reassuring and comforting about holding a magazine as opposed to a tablet device.

Italian Magazines

My great aunt emigrated to Argentina after the war, the last time I saw her which was in 2005 she gave me her own gnocchi ridger, which is at least 50 years old; sadly she has passed away so whenever I make gnocchi I think of her.

Gnocchi Ridger

My books are mainly Italian recipes and Mediterranean ones. You can see who my favourite chef is: Jamie Oliver!

Cookery books

Finally the queen of all pots: my pressure cooker which my mum bought me for my 40th birthday. I use it whenever I want to make a soup or cook beans, chickpeas, beetroot or to make a broth. It cooks in half time and it saves time and money.

Pressure Cooker

You can find out more from Alida and her Little Italian Kitchen by following her on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

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