13 recipes you need to try this Chinese New Year


It’s Chinese New Year, but before you order a takeaway, why not give one of these recipes a try?

Here’s 13 recipes (don’t worry, the number 13 is actually considered lucky in Chinese culture!) to make your Chinese New Year celebrations special. Take your pick!

1. Crispy Chilli Beef

No need to pick up the phone and call for a takeaway, this authentic crispy chilli beef recipe is all you need.

2. Sweet and Sour Chicken

Can you really ever go wrong with sweet and sour chicken? Well, certainly not with this recipe.

3. Egg fried rice

You’re definitely going to need this recipe to serve with all of the dishes above and below!

4. Orange Chicken with Forbidden Rice

This authentic twist on sweet and sour chicken tastes every bit as good as it looks. Bonus points if you can present it as beautifully as Andrea has!

5. Beef in Black Bean Sauce

What would Chinese New Year be without beef in black bean sauce? Just another day of the week I’d expect… so make sure that doesn’t happen!

6. Asian Glazed Salmon Fillets

It takes no time at all to turn your humble salmon fillets into perfectly seasoned, flaky fish heaven. Just add rice.

7. Chinese Chicken Curry

This recipe is just like the Chinese Chicken curry from your local takeaway, but it’s totally gluten-free too.

8. Chinese Pork Balls

Looking for sunshine in a bowl? Nothing beats these crispy Chinese Pork Balls with a sweet, tropical sauce.

9. Pad Thai Salad

Ever had a Pad Thai salad? Now’s your chance! It’s so quick and easy to throw together. It’s vibrant, fresh and the perfect lunch on Chinese New Year.

10. Salt and Pepper Chicken

This light and crispy battered chicken is perfect with a little added salt, pepper and a healthy amount of chilli for heat.

11. Steamed Seabass

Serve your seabass the traditional Chinese way, with this beautifully steamed whole seabass. Save the head for me.

12. Chinese New Year Rice Cake

This simple recipe is a great way to make an authentic, sweet rice treat in no time. The ultimate perfectly formed dessert to end your Chinese New Year banquet.

13. Fortune Cookies

What comes after dessert? Fortune cookies of course! End your meal with a homemade fortune cookie and write your own fortune. The more accurate they turn out, the more you can claim that you predicted the future.

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