20 Bloggers from 20 Different Countries to Follow in 2018


It’s Diversity Month here on Foodies100. So today we thought we would share 20 of our favourite food bloggers from different countries with you.

diversity month
Binny’s Kitchen

Just like with food, a fusion of cultures can create something truly unique. Think Tex-Mex, Eurasian or Italian-American style cuisine – it’s diversity on a plate.

And that’s exactly what we’ve got here on Foodies100 – except that you consume it in a slightly different way!

With Malaysian cuisine being the ultimate fusion of flavours, Eat Cook Explore is the perfect place to start. This blog shares traditional Malaysian recipes alongside recipes from all over the world.

With a monster-sized kiwi replacing the London eye on the otherwise familiar city skyline on her blog, Adventures of a London Kiwi needs little introduction. Give her ANZAC biscuits a try for the true Kiwi experience.

Binny’s Kitchen shares recipes inspired by her Kenyan roots and her travels across the world. She now lives in London so expect some local restaurant reviews too.

Writing from a Pakistani perspective, everything on Fun Cooking will make your mouth water. But as diversity seems to always result in a fusion of flavours, there’s a variety of recipes from other countries too.

But that’s just a few of the fantastic blogs we’d like to celebrate here on Foodies100 for diversity month. Here’s 20, including the ones mentioned above, but don’t worry – you’ve still got all month to check them out! Let’s #burstthebubble

diversity month for UK influencers

1. Cook Sister – South Africa
2. Gilded Gingerbread – South Korea
3. Lilinha Angel’s World – Brazil
lilinha angels food blog
4. Sandhya’s Kitchen – India
5. My Little Italian Kitchen – Italy
6. Eat Cook Explore – Malaysia
may chong uk food blog
7. Adventures of a London Kiwi – New Zealand
8. Dooney’s Kitchen – Nigeria
9. Anyonita Nibbles – USA 
10. Wholesome Ireland – Ireland
11. Little Sunny Kitchen – Russia
12. Binny’s Kitchen – Kenya
13. Untold Morsels – Australia
14. Lets Eat Smart – Poland
15. Comidamor – Portugal
comidamor food blog
16. Feisty Tapas – Spain
17. Fun Cooking – Pakistan
18. Sugar Free Londoner – Germany
19. ET Speaks From Home – China
20. Recipes from a Pantry – Sierra Leone

Diversity Month is a campaign across Foodies100, Tots100, HIBS100 and Trips100 to showcase different parts of our community, including those of different ages, genders, sexualities and body types. Check out our opening post over on Tots100 to find out more.

Becky is the Foodies100 Editor, freelance writer and food blogger. You can find her in the kitchen developing recipes for her own blog and for lots of different brands. She also travels around the UK and abroad in search of the best gluten free foodie offerings.

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  1. What a great list and don’t forget that Coffee and Vanilla in collaboration with Pebble Soup have been running an inheritance recipes challenge for a couple of years. We’ve had some wonderful linkies from around the world.

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