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Two Chubby Cubs is so much more than a food blog and that is why we’ve decided it’s the Foodies100 Blog of the Month! Two Chubby Cubs is the creation of James and Paul – two young guys who create excellent slimming food recipes alongside humour and fun.

We spoke to James of Two Chubby Cubs to talk cooking disasters and how they manage to maintain the blog alongside full time jobs. Check it out:

How would you describe your blog to someone who’s never read it before?

We believe in two things: enjoying food and enjoying life. Diet blogs are prone to being very po-faced and serious – we’re the antithesis of that. We like to cook with good ingredients and be a lighter alternative to all the navel-gazing, cutesy-poo blogs out there. Feedback on our blog is split 50/50 between people enjoying the recipes against people who come for the stories and the writing style. Dieting can be boring: we want to make people laugh.

Do you blog full-time or fit it in around another job? How do you make it work?

We both work very demanding, full-time jobs and blogging is very much a night-time activity for us. It’s as much work as you want it to be – if you want to keep your posts short and punchy, you can blog from anywhere. Our blog has a very distinct style: an article, then a recipe, then a few links – that looks easy enough, but you have to remember that there’s all the SEO, photo cropping, video filming, website maintenance, facebook work – a lot of extra bits and pieces behind just blogging. That takes up a fair bit of time, then we also admin our own facebook group! It can be a challenge but we’ve come to an agreement between ourselves that if it ever stops being fun, we’ll stop doing it. However, I like writing, he likes cooking…it’s never going to stop being fun!

We’re also in the middle of a big secret project which is taking up even more of our time – but you just have to keep going…!

One of the things that makes your blog really stand out is the language and risqué content – lots of bloggers worry about how this might seem to readers or potential brand partners, is that something you’ve experienced?

Not to our knowledge, although we don’t push for brand partnering as much as you might expect a blog with such high traffic to do so. We have run many successful campaigns with big names and our readership knows that they can trust us to be honest with our reviews and attitude. If anything, the fact that our risky language and style stands out works in our favour: we’re not just another ten-a-penny food blog. Who honestly cares what two fat blokes in Newcastle have to say about where we bought our asparagus? No-one. But write about nonsense and people love it. On posts where we do review products we make a bit of a joke about the fact we’re getting paid to do so by putting a big money-filled banner up – people can never accuse us of not being honest!

What’s your favourite post that you’ve published and why?

Our favourite post isn’t even a food post – it’s a post we put up after my gran died. That sounds depressing and macabre but it really isn’t – my nana was incredibly special to me and shared my bawdy sense of humour. The post was a gently humorous article pointing out her many quirks but is written like the love letter to an amazing woman that she was. It proves that even in death, you can find light. the life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living

Have you guys ever had a total cooking disaster? What happened?

We blame Gordon Ramsay for the fact we set our living room on fire and had the police turn up to our old, open-plan flat to give us a warning. We were making his cherry samosas which calls for melting a load of butter in a hot pan – this immediately burst into flames. With much shrieking, I did the only thing I could do – pick up the flaming pan, hurtle across our living room, opened the balcony doors and threw this frying pan out of the window in a streak of fire. The pan flew across the road and into the Tyne just as a passing police car drove underneath. They turned up to give us a stern lecture but took pity on us when they realised a) the butter had also set our living room curtains on fire and b) it was a Le Creuset pan – gutted.

At the moment Foodies100 and our sister sites are really promoting the idea of diversity in blogging – do you think it’s something we need more of?

More voices can never be a bad thing, as long as they have something to say. Diversity for the sake of diversity is pointless – a blog is anonymous after all, until you put a face to it. Let anyone who has a story or an insight tell it without fretting about whether or not they tick a box on the diversity list. We make no secret of the fact that we’re two gay blokes in a happy marriage, but it doesn’t define our blog – it just ‘is’. I love reading people’s stories and experience as long as they’re interesting and engaging.

Your site is hugely successful with a big audience and lots of engagement – do you have any tips for food bloggers who are struggling to grow an engaged audience?

Be different. Everyone has a story, tell your own: don’t limit yourself to just talking about where you buy your tomatoes or the aaaaaamazing coconut flour you use. People will listen to your voice if it isn’t being drowned out by countless others. Don’t exploit your audience: saturating your blog with tonnes of adverts and shilling for Amazon links turns people away. Don’t be tempted to steal content from other blogs: it’s hard work producing fresh material and it can be incredibly demoralising to see it stolen.

But above all else, have fun: if it becomes a chore, find a new angle to approach it from. Do some video blogging, write in a different style. Host a competition. Start a discussion on your facebook page.

Oh and don’t be demoralised by low viewing numbers: I remember being excited when we received 50 visitors – we now get over 50,000 views a day. Just keep plugging away…

What would you say is the focus of your blog over the next year – do you have any goals you’re working towards?

Just keep going! What we’re doing now works for us – we pull in a decent income, we have fun and our food is well received. What more could you want?

A massive thank you to James to speaking to us today. If you want to check out Two Chubby Cubs on social media head to their Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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  1. Life is just a little bit richer for a daily dose of Two Chubby Cub’s blog – and being a member of their FB group is like having an everlasting ticket for the world’s best roller-coaster. The recipes ain’t half bad, either.

  2. I absolutely love the Chubby Cubs. They keep me entertained on a daily basis and let’s face it, dieting can be so boring but they really keep me going. Even when I’ve not been so good, it doesn’t matter. We all have off days. Keep up the good work boys xxx

  3. These guys are amazing, always worth a look for the blogs even if you’re not looking for a recipe. However the food is great and really helps keep things fresh no need to go through the whole it’s Monday so it must be chilli type of routine. They have loads of ideas and put a lot of work in which I don’t know if they always understand how much it is appreciated. Keep up the group as long as you enjoy it! There are many of us that would miss it if you stopped. Where would we go for ours laughs and non judgmental support if you weren’t around!

  4. Can’t praise these guys enough. Wonderful recipes great sense of humour and absolutely zero tolerance for b*llsh*t

  5. The Two Chubby Cubs blog is the only one I enjoy reading. It certainly isn’t boring and more often than not, I’m reduced to tears of laughter just reading the stories and it’s a bonus we get a delicious healthy recipe to go with it all. They’re my absolute faves. Never change cubs! 🤗

  6. Two chubby cubs is my favourite food blog, the blog posts make me howl with laughter and I can eat proper tasty food while dieting.

  7. Michelle chouhan

    The two chubby cubs are the best… by far! Their blogs are hilarious, well written and the recipes are bloody amazing. Keep up the great work guys. 😉

  8. Michelle Hosking

    Excellent choice! I cannot rate The Cubs highly enough. The blog is fantastic, the facebook page is a riot, and the website is so useful and easy to use. What I adore the most is James and Paul themselves. They are down to earth, compassionate, decent people, and that, alongside their humour, shines through in bucket loads. Love them!

  9. James and Paul are amazing at what they do and hysterically funny with it. Im forever howling at blog posts and on the Facebook page too. Currently have their Hawaiian pasta bake cooking away in the oven as i type. Keep up the good wotk boys x

  10. Two chubby cubs blog is brilliant, it never fails to make me smile and the recipes are always relatively easy to make and taste amazing. I’ve recommended them to lots of people but always warn about the risqué content.

  11. Love the cubs and so happy to see them voted blog of the month. The cubs are so open, honest and amusing as all get out (keeping it clean here! My response on their page would be a bit different!). The fact that their recipes are absolute stonkers – simple, quick and tasty – keeps me coming back for more.
    Good job cubs!

  12. I totally love these guys, great reading all the time. Love the fact they don’t feel the need to push an advert up your nose every 2 seconds, something which make other blogs virtually unreadable. Fantastic laughs and great food, what’s not to like??

  13. I am a huge fan of James and Paul and their blog is never boring. Their recipes are fab, their writing is fantastic and there is never a dull moment on their page. They don’t have many rules but they dont suffer fools gladly either. Their sassy take on life and love is at times hilarious, absolutely brutally honest and sometimes very poignant. I am in awe of these guys doing what they do with 50k followers and full time busy jobs. Keep 9n keeping on guys. Your rock

  14. Great article. Love these fellas, they make my dieting journey bearable. Keep up the great work James and Paul

  15. Love two chubby Cubs, blog and FB page. I started following them for the recipes and stayed for the wonderful stories and banter 😍😍

  16. Love the cubs! Their blog has me in tears more often than not, through laughing!
    The recipes are fabulous, making real food and using normal ingredients. They prefer to use a few syns rather than compromise on taste.
    Would thoroughly recommend their blog, if you don’t like the sass and smut you can scroll down and enjoy the recipe. You would be missing out though,in my opinion.

  17. Absolutely love this and the guys, they are an inspiration and i have them to thank for getting me to enjoy cooking a healthy meal. having no real interest in cooking plus no one who had ever helped me create a meal i started off small, i now cook mainly CC recipes, they are a lot more tasty than most of the slimming recipes i have found. james and Paul feel like family, only less judgmental!

  18. I adore them, their humour, amazing recipes and straight talking/no nonsense approach to food blogging. Chubby cubs is the only food blog I read and the only slimming/food Facebook group I’m part of. It brightens the dullest of days and always makes me smile. I love being a ‘Cubbette’ and the banter we have in the group makes me proper belly laugh! If you’re not part of the group, you should be and if you’ve not read the hilarious blogs…you need to. Seriously hunz.

  19. I absolutely love the Two Chubby Cubs not only for their fabulous recipes but mainly their great northern humour! I wish they lived next door to me!

  20. Absolutley love the twochubbycubs blog and receipes are all great and not laods of annoying ads – keep it going guys we need a bit of humour in our slimming lives

  21. Couldn’t get through the day without my dose of the cubs, honest down to earth no fuss recipe’s that even I can follow!

  22. God we love these guys! They’ve changed my whole perspective on healthy eating! All for the love of food and an all inclusive positive attitude!

  23. These two are fantastic! They make me smile every time I read their blog. Their recipes are great wether you are dieting or not, of all I have tried so far they go down well with all the family and are becoming favourites.

  24. Love these guys. Such a fun blog and food recepies are great too. Always laugh out louf when I read the blog. Keep up the good work James and Paul.

  25. So happy for the twochubbycubs fellas! Their recipes are fabulous, they are helpful and their blog? Extremely funny and irreverent! They are the proud authors of three books (available on Amazon and to download to Kindle) based on their blog stories and are well worth a look. Well done to you both, James and Paul. Love you both. xx

  26. Two Chubby Cubs have to be top for me.

    I started the year with high blood pressure and cholesterol.
    Following cubs recipes I’ve lost 2 stone and my levels are back to normal. I was risking diabetes as it runs in the family, but I’m free from risk and healthier.
    The cubs have a unique humour and run a great family on the Facebook site. Love them.

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