12 Male Food Bloggers to Follow in 2018


You don’t need to be female to be a food blogger, even though it might seem like it sometimes. Some of the very best food bloggers in our community are male and we wanted to shout about a few of them today!

male food bloggers

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diversity month for UK influencers

Discover Delicious – Michael created Discover Delicious as an exploration and discovery of vegan recipes. He shows that vegan food can be interesting, challenging, delicious and nourishing.

male food bloggers

Swank Food – Swank Food is the blog creation of Paul. It’s all about bold, vibrant, no fuss recipes.

Cakes by Noah – Cakes by Noah is jam packed full of gluten free cake recipes. Noah has Coeliac Disease and therefore cannot eat gluten… but everyone should have cake, right?!

Don’t Go Bacon My Heart – Chris is the guy behind the bacon. His blog is completely dedicated to savoury comfort food. Chris creates soul-hugging food that he hopes will put a smile on everyone’s faces.

male food bloggers

Belleau Kitchen – Dominic is the man behind Belleau Kitchen. He’s a cook and food writer who grew up being inspired by his mum and Delia Smith. He now creates his own recipes using local and season produce.

Neil’s Healthy Meals – Neil’s Healthy Meals is all about creating delicious quick healthy recipes and fabulous cheesecakes based on the 80/20 rule for eating. 80% healthy, 20% indulgent.

This Guy Cooks – Steve is the guy behind This Guy Cooks. He’s a massive foodie who loves nothing more than being in the kitchen making some classic recipes.

male food bloggers

Dad in the Kitchen – Dad in the Kitchen is the blog of a Dad, geek and occasional cook, who likes to share his kitchen adventures. From baking bread, to desserts and mains, there is a recipe for everyone!

Big Stevie Cool – Stevie is a Dad of three who is an avid cook and love making delicious dishes for his wife and family. He shares lots of his recipes on his blog.

The Usual Saucepans – Craig believes we should be eating good food every day, whether you have twenty minutes or three hours make it. No one should be afraid of being in their kitchen. Everyone and anyone can make it work for them.

male food bloggers

Portly Gourmet – The Portly Gourmet is everything you need in a food blog. Lots of delicious recipes and plenty of restaurant reviews too.

Two Chubby Cubs – Two Chubby Cubs is the creation of James and Paul – two young guys who create excellent slimming food recipes alongside humour and fun.

So there you have it a selection of the best male food bloggers in our community. Please do check them all out, especially if some of these might be new to you!

This list is by no means exhaustive but we had to stop somewhere! Have we missed someone out? Let us know in the comments.

Becky is the Foodies100 Editor, freelance writer and food blogger. You can find her in the kitchen developing recipes for her own blog and for lots of different brands. She also travels around the UK and abroad in search of the best gluten free foodie offerings.

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