Vegan Food Bloggers to Follow in 2018


top 10 UK vegetarian blogs

Today we’re sharing some of the top UK vegan food bloggers from the Foodies100 community. 

Vegan eating has never been more popular, with many of us choosing to embrace a vegan diet, part or full-time. A recent survey found there are now 3.5m vegans in the UK. 

The Veg Space 

The Veg Space is a vegan blog packed with ludicrously tasty comfort food recipes. Author Kate has been vegetarian for over 20 years, and holds a Cordon Vert professional diploma in vegetarian cookery. Kate turned vegan in 2016 and now the site is packed with highly creative and tasty, vegan dishes. 


Jo’s Healthy Cupboard

Jo’s blog was named after the little cupboard in her kitchen where she kept various superfoods. Today, the contents of that cupboard have inspired a gorgeous blog, where nutrition advisor Jo shares a range of vegan food and beauty tips and recipes. A great place to start is this post: “What is plant-based anyway?” 

Canny Food 

Canny Food is an independent North East food blog written by a local. This blog is a great insight into a family where there are vegans AND non-vegans, and it’s particularly great at recommending places to eat out with the whole family where there are great vegan options. The website was created as a response to the many requests for recommendations received on Twitter and Facebook for places to eat in Newcastle. 

Messy Vegan Cook 

Catherine is an American living in England, who says she’s been here long enough to find conversations about the weather interesting! Her blog, Messy Vegan Cook, is a food and lifestyle blog, with mostly Asian-inspired recipes.  

Made by Luci 

Luci and her partner are both vegans, and eat a mostly whole foods, plant-based diet. Made by Lucy is packed with nutritious recipes, but it’s not all 100% virtuous. Luci admits they both like to indulge with chocolate and burgers sometimes, too! 

The Tofu Diaries 

Natalie is one of the UK’s best known vegan bloggers and her recipes look utterly gorgeous. The Tofu Diaries offers plant-based vegan recipes alongside travel tips for vegans, and inspiration of new foodie destinations. The blog also shares occasional restaurant reviews, and reviews of cruelty-free products of all sorts. 

Coconut and Berries 

Emma, the author of Coconuts and Berries, had a disordered approach to food in her teens, and credits veganism as playing a key part in her recovery. Veganism allowed Emma to feel good about the food she was eating, which she now shares on her blog. Coconut and Berries has a definite focus on healthy eating, and how veganism can help us becoming more compassionate people with a deeper connection to the world around us. 


Little Blog of Vegan 

As a vegan, it can be a real struggle to find vegan options in shops and restaurants, but the Little Blog of Vegan makes life a little easier. The blog showcases new vegan products, along with vegan and cruelty free beauty ranges. Alongside new foods and products expect fresh and simple vegan recipes. 

For more vegan inspiration, check out some of our favourite vegan recipes from Foodies100 blogs, and also our favourite UK vegetarian food blogs


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