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In the Kitchen

I hope everyone’s October is going well so far. This month we are in the kitchen with Michelle from Greedy Gourmet. Over to you Michelle…

Wow. How the landscape has changed since I started blogging in early 2007! Most of my fellow dinosaurs will nod their heads when I say that we started blogging out of pure love for our chosen subject. That’s why, after all these years, we’re still alive and kicking.

Greedy Gourmet

Since then I’ve moved house three times and my current kitchen needs serious updating thanks to the old couple who used to live in this house. That said, by now I think just about every gadget under the sun is crammed in every available cupboard.

The good ones were kept, the bad ones tend to have an overnight night stay and promptly kicked out of the house at the earliest opportunity, much like a bad one night stand. Yes, over the years I’ve learnt to declutter. Sort of.

What also travelled with me is my collection of cookbooks. While the photography has come along in leaps and bounds, content-wise it’s rare to for me to discover truly unique cookbooks. Most are recipes that have been regurgitated from one cookbook and restaurant menu to another.

Most recipes (yes, even the “modern” ones) have historical roots, which is why I’ve shifted my focus to regional cuisines. The stories behind the recipes I find utterly fascinating. At the moment I’m digging into Indian cuisine and having great fun discovering new dishes and telling my readers all about it.

Greedy Gourmet Greedy Gourmet

Another thing that changed the food scene dramatically is the vegan movement. We can thank Netflix with its plentiful documentaries on the subject for that. It certainly raised awareness and people are much more conscious of their food choices. Heck, even I am on a journey to change my ways. Systematically. So stay tuned for more vegetarian and vegan recipes!

Whoever thought that food bloggers eat glamorously on a daily basis, must think again. We are normal people, just like you. We get cravings for the most basic of dishes, whether it’s a pie, mashed up avocado or a piece of chocolate. Children definitely provide a reality check by shunning “adult” food, and I find myself cooking chips and breaded chicken fingers on more nights than I care to remember.

I love food. Unfortunately, it affects my waistline. Since blogging has become my full-time job, I cook a lot more than I used to and the end result is being stuck with heaps of delicious food. With a freezer bursting with the frozen ready-meals I couldn’t keep up with the eating.

Greedy Gourmet

Now, almost every weekend, I usually cook and shoot the whole Saturday and then invite friends to come over to enjoy the spoils of my labour. Not only has it strengthened bonds but it’s a great feeling to share food and happiness.

Sally is the publisher of Foodies100, the UK's largest directory of brilliant UK food and drink blogs and bloggers. Every day of the week, we promote the UK's best and most exciting blogs about food and drink.

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