Recipes Using Pears


Pears are in season right now. These lovely fruits are often overlooked by people, preferring their appley counterparts, so I’ve pulled together some delectable recipes using pears which celebrate this fabulous fruit.

We’ll start right in at the dessert end of things today. Controversial I know…

Moving on to Caroline’s from All That I’m Eating’s delightful-looking Blackberry and Pear Pavlova. This dessert will take you right back to summer.

Recipes Using Pears

Jacqui from Us Two Friends has shared with us this gorgeous sounding Berry and Pear Jam. Ooh save a scone (or two for me!)

Recipes Using Pears

For those following a gluten free and dairy diet and needing a good nutritional breakfast, you can check out Fiona at Free From Favourites’s Pear & Blueberry Smoothie Bowl.

Recipes Using Pears

These Chocolate Pear Ghosts from Camilla at Fab Food for All are perfect for this time of year. A better choice for a spooky but slightly healthier treat for the little ghouls.

Recipes Using Pears

Our next recipe is for Sunken Pear and Chocolate Cake and is brought to us by Jacqui from Recipes Made Easy. Sounds amazing doesn’t it?

Recipes Using Pears


Moving on to some savoury dishes. We have the lovely Sandhya from Sandhya’s Kitchen with a guest post sharing Pear Soup. Sounds like one to try eh?

Recipes Using Pears

Afra from Mad Mum of 7 shared her recipe for the German dish Grunkohl und Pinkel which includes pears. She says it’s a hearty dish and perfect for long winter evenings.

Recipes Using Pears

Our final recipe using pears is from Family Friends Food. It’s for some delightful Pear Stilton Toast. Wow, that is a good a pairing!

Recipes Using Pears

I’ll stop with the pear jokes. Thank goodness I hear you cry. But if you have other recipes using pears that you’d like to share, pop a link below.

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  1. Love all your pear recipes. I am a huge pear fan. Definitely looking forward to trying some of your dishes. Here is the recipe for a poached pear drink I just created, Homemade Poached Pear Liqueur. My website is Pesto for Pennies-

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