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Happy New Year to one and all! I do hope 2019 has been kind to you so far. It’s that time of the month, where we introduce our Blog of the Month. This month’s blogger is Mandy and she writes over at Sneaky Veg. Over to you Mandy…

Sneaky Veg

What inspired you to start your blog?

When I started Sneaky Veg in 2013 it was a direct response to my son, who was three at the time, refusing to eat any fruit or vegetables. I was so stressed about it for a while but then I started to get creative in the kitchen to find ways to get some healthy foods into him. Sneaky Veg is still going strong but earlier this year, 2018, I started a new blog, Cook Veggielicious, to share vegan recipes that aren’t aimed at kids. I was feeling a bit restricted by Sneaky Veg and it’s been great to have an outlet for some of my other ideas.

Has your content changed much since you started?

On Sneaky Veg I’ve moved away a bit from all the recipes having to include hidden veg and you’ll find many vegetarian family friendly recipes there that are all about celebrating fruit and veg without necessarily hiding them.

What have you learned since starting your blog?

SO much. I have learnt so many things that I never even knew I needed to know about. It’s hard to know where to start but photography, SEO, writing skills, self promotion, social media, how to have confidence in myself – the list just goes on and on.

What has surprised you about blogging?

At the moment I make a small income from blogging. Until recently I didn’t think it was possible to make a decent living from blogging but I think I was wrong. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers grow and become successful and really make decent money from their blogs. I feel like I’m starting to get there now I’m treating my blog more professionally – but we’ll see!

How do you balance blogging and real life?

I didn’t go back to full time work after having kids so I juggle my blog with freelance writing and proofreading work as well as raising my children. It’s easier now that my older two are at school and the little one goes to nursery but I do often work in the evenings once they’re in bed to get things done.

What’s the best thing about writing your blog? And the worst?

I think the best thing is having a space that’s totally my own where I can share my ideas. The worst has to be people, often PR companies or big brands, wanting things for free.

What advice would you give someone starting a foodie blog now?

Go for it! It’s 100% worth doing your research into photography, getting a good template and web host, social media platforms and SEO. But don’t let the amount of information out there scare you off. Start small if that’s best for you and you’ll learn as you go along.

Has blogging brought you any amazing opportunities or experiences?

I think the most amazing thing about blogging is how many wonderful friends I’ve made through it. It’s so great when we actually get to meet face to face as well. In September I went on a bloggers Pilates retreat which was just amazing and I think we all agreed that it was a magical, wonderful weekend.

Which have been your most popular posts?

These porridge fingers have long been my most popular post on Sneaky Veg. Closely followed by these apple flapjacks.

Sneaky Veg Sneaky Veg

On Cook Veggielicious my vegan pavlova is the most popular  closely followed by my Sri Lankan okra curry.

Sneaky Veg Sneaky Veg

And which are your personal favourites?

I think my two favourite recipes are this sweet potato and beetroot curry and this sweet potato and peanut stew. The one I’m proudest of are these butternut squash cheese straws which have been featured in The Guardian.

Sneaky Veg

How does it feel to be chosen as Foodies100 blog of the month?

I’m thrilled to be the Foodies100 blog of the month! Although I may have cheated by having two blogs… Thanks for having me!

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  1. It is so good to know more about Mandy. I’m only recently acquainted with her two blogs – via Instagram and Facebook groups – and she has a wonderful way of writing. And a very useful niche. Thanks for profiling her. Hopefully I’ll get to meet her in person this year.

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