Blog of the Month… Binny’s Food & Travel Diaries


Blog of the Month… Binny’s Food & Travel Diaries

This month we are we are heading over to meet Binny who writes over at Binny’s Food & Travel Diaries. Over you to Binny…

Binny's Food & Travel Diaries

What inspired you to start your blog?

I’ve always had a passion for writing and Binny’s Food and Travel Diaries launched as a creative outlet almost four years ago as a platform to share my favourite recipes, as well as document my adventures in food and travel in both in London and internationally.

Before I started my blog I had been regularly asked by friends and family for tips and advice on restaurants, travel destinations as well as how to make certain dishes and so it made sense to put them all online on one space. I also love that it is like a digital diary for me and I love reading back on some of my earlier posts from time to time and re-living the memories.

Has your content changed much since you started?

My content has evolved over time to focus away from recipes and more towards restaurant reviews, product reviews, hotel reviews and destination guides. My style of writing and my photography has also changed and one of the best things I did was invest in a DSLR Camera.

What have you learned since starting your blog?

My blog has taught me so much and I have been able to improve my writing skills, photography skills as well as being able to move out of my comfort zone and try and experience new things. It has also given me lots of confidence, especially when it comes to networking. Learning valuable skills on social media combined with my M.Sc. in Marketing enabled me to set up my own business doing Social Media Management and Consultancy as a solopreneur on a freelance basis and leave my full-time job in Investments.

Binny's Food & Travel Diaries

What has surprised you about blogging?

When I first started my blog I had no idea that you could actually be invited for reviews or trips or even earn an income from collaborations and this was one of the factors that motivated me to focus on my blog more and eventually quit my job in banking to do it full time.

How do you balance blogging and real life?

I am now a freelance Social Media Manager and Consultant and so I manage my blogging and real life from taking a day off every week for “me time” as well as using a planner to ensure I am not slotting too much in to cause overwhelm. I usually start working early in the morning and always have a to-do list written up for each day to stay focused.

What’s the best thing about writing your blog? And the worst?

The best thing about writing a blog is the community – I have met some of my closest friends either online or at blogging events.

The worst thing about blogging is when I get writer’s block. I normally take this as an opportunity to have a mini break and do something fun or creative to get the creative juices running again.

What advice would you give someone starting a blog now?

My advice would be to be yourself and write from the heart – don’t compare yourself to other bloggers and remember there is no rule on how many blog posts you should be publishing every week or month – just go at a pace that suits you.
If your blog is something you want to pursue seriously I recommend going self-hosted as well as investing in a good camera.

Has blogging brought you any amazing opportunities or experiences?

I have had so many amazing opportunities and experiences ranging from having dinner cooked by and shared with Chef James Martin and a lucky few on a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea to attending the Latin America 50 Best Restaurant Awards in Mexico City.

Which have been your most popular posts?

My most popular posts have been a post about my engagement in Antigua and Barbuda as well as my travel guide to Santorini.

And which are your personal favourites?

My personal favourite is a post about my favourite food from Mombasa, Kenya, as it’s all the highlights of the food I grew up eating in Kenya, where I was born.

Binny's Food & Travel Diaries

How does it feel to be chosen as Foodies100 blog of the month?

I am absolutely delighted to have been chosen as the Foodies100 Blog of the month!

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