Most Useful Kitchen Gadgets


Most Useful Kitchen Gadgets

Following on from our discussion about the least useful kitchen gadgets, our bloggers have spoken out about their most useful kitchen gadgets. These are the ones that they couldn’t do without, and are an essential part of their kitchen kit.

Ann from Rainbows Are Too Beautiful says she can’t make hot chocolate without her velvetiser.

Most Useful Kitchen Gadgets

Jamie over at Daddy & Dad loves his Krups Bean to Cup Coffee Machine! It’s his favourite and he uses it all the time.

A food thermometer is Elaine from Fun as a Gran’s top gadget. She uses it all the time, especially with meat.

Jaymee from The Mum Diaries says her most useful kitchen gadget is her stand mixer. She says she uses it to knead her bread.

Mama Be Kind’s Lisa loves her bargain Aldi coffee pod machine with aerofrother. She says she can have coffee shop quality coffee less than one-minute.

Most Useful Kitchen Gadgets

Emma from Emma and 3 loves her Vitamix. Not only does it smash ice easily it helps her make the best protein shakes when she’s training.

Kate over at Ever After With Kids says her dishwasher is her saviour. She says it makes her cook completely differently now she doesn’t have to worry about cleaning up afterwards.

The Twinkle Diaries Caro says she loves her pressure cooker. She makes amazing soups, dhals and risottos in minutes.

Lauren from Scrapboook Blog says her onion/veg dicer is genius. She says it has a blade in it and you can pump the top up and down to get whatever you need diced quickly.

Dear Bear and Beany’s Laura loves her pizza cutter! She says it’s so much easier to cut the pizza, so she can dish up dinner faster.

Most Useful Kitchen Gadgets

Mum in the Moment Rosie says she loves her soup maker. It makes easy work of putting together a quick healthy soup and it’s one of the only ways she gets her daughter to eat vegetables.

Five Little Dove’s Laura says her apple corer is her go-to piece of kitchen kit. She says it saves her time every time the kids ask for apples.

Verily Victoria Vocalises’s Victoria says her crepe maker is the best thing in her kitchen. She says it cook pancakes, omelettes and eggs and is super easy to clean.

Natasha from Mummy & Moose rates her food processor. She says it really helps her as she has a rare eye disease, which is sadly leading to sight-loss. She says it makes chopping and dicing a lot safer for her.

Champagne and Petal’s Sarah is singing the praises of her digital scales. She uses them all of the time and doesn’t make a meal without them

Kellie at Kellie’s Food to Glow also says digital scales. She uses hers multiple times a day as she cooks for cancer patients and needs precision for larger-quantity cooking and baking.

Jade over at The Breakfast Page says her stick blender is useful for soups, sauces and salsas.

Most Useful Kitchen Gadgets

Casa Costello’s Helen loves her egg separator. Whilst baking, she goes through lots of egg whites and this saves her so much time.

What’s your most useful kitchen gadget? What wouldn’t you be without in your kitchen? Leave your number one piece of kitchen kit in the comments below.

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