Highlights from Foodies 100 bloggers: Baking

Easy Cinnamon Swirls

Who knew pastry could be so simple? From Baking With Granny, these easy cinnamon swirls break all the rules and make the perfect breakfast with minimal effort.


Blueberry Lemon Spelt Loaf

A fruit loaf with a difference from The Whole Ingredient! This vegan spelt bread is brimming with fresh berries, lemon and herbs; making it the perfect versatile bake for breakfast, lunch or a teatime treat.


Peanut Butter Cookies

These chocolate drizzle peanut butter cookies from This Little Home look absolutely delicious!


Raspberry and Almond Cake

Pretty in pink, this raspberry and almond cake from The Hedge Combers is light, moist and horribly moreish! It’s also the perfect way to say I love you. 


Doughnuts with Fruits of the Forest Jam

Delicious soft doughnuts with homemade fruits of the forest jam from The Culinary Jumble, these are cooked in an actifry and not deep fried!


Irn Bru Cupcakes

From the Baking with Granny kitchen we have Irn Bru cupcakes with the phenomenal taste of the iconic Scottish drink.


Super Tasty Spelt Soda Bread

A moist, enriched, soda bread made with whole meal spelt flour, nuts and fruit from Joy of Yum. This soda bread is delicious with a sweet or savory topping as well as an accompaniment to soups and salads.


Caramel Thumbprint Cookies

From The Culinary Jumble kitchen we have delicious buttery caramel thumbprint cookies with a gooey caramel middle and a drizzle of dark chocolate.


Chocolate Brownie Hearts

Pretty chocolate brownie hearts from Taste of Life.


Chocolate Christmas Biscuits

From The Explorer we have gorgeous chocolate Christmas biscuits, aren’t they just so pretty!


Christmas Crumble

From the Chardonnay and Samphire kitchen we have a gluten, dairy and refined sugar free cranberry crumble! This pudding is rich, tangy and tastes so indulgent despite being relatively healthy.


Christmas Cookies Wreath

This is a gorgeous Christmas cinnamon cookies wreath from My Little Italian Kitchen.


Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cupcakes

Indulgent & festive! Terry’s chocolate orange inspired cupcakes from Baking with Granny.


Traditional Figgy Pudding

This is a traditional figgy pudding from The Hedge Combers but courtesy of Mrs Beeton!


Orange, Fig and Almond Christmas Pudding

A classic Christmas pudding from Cook, Bake, Eat, made with figs, almonds, fresh orange and juice with a generous helping of Cointreau. Delicious and just in time for Christmas!


Honey and Lemon Cake

This honey and lemon cake from The Explorer is full of cold-busting properties, what better excuse to eat cake!


Kransekake Birthday Cake

This stunning Kransekake from Blue Bear Wood is a Norwegian Celebration cake that is eaten at special events such as weddings, christenings, birthdays, New Years eve etc. It has a crunchy outer, a gorgeously soft chewy centre and tastes just like marzipan.


Old-School Caramel Shortbread

Yummy caramel shortbread, sprinkled with hundreds and thousands, from Syrup and Glaze. Gooey and decadent!


Birthday Buns

Birthdays aren’t complete without chocolate in some shape or form so Sweet Pea Kitchen decided to make two different types of buns– Belgian/cinnamon mix buns and chocolate buns.


Chocolate Halloween Biscuits

From Julie’s Family Kitchen we have chocolate orange Halloween cookies, fun spooky inspired cookies that are fun to bake with the kids this October half term.


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