Highlights from Foodies 100 bloggers: Breakfast

Spiced Fruit Compote

From Little Sugar Snaps a spiced fruit compote which is impressively healthy and deceptively sweet. Tasting luxurious, it makes a great healthier breakfast choice when paired with yoghurt or porridge.


Fragrant Rosemary & Thyme Plums

This fragrant rosemary and thyme plums recipe works perfectly either as a breakfast bowl – complemented with some dairy-free yogurt and homemade muesli – or as a lovely and light desert pudding with ice cream that is perfect after a heavy meal. From Comidamor.


Reduced Sugar Flavoured Yoghurt

LittleSugarSnaps has made six different ways to flavour plain yoghurt that result in far less sugar per 100g than the average shop-bought flavoured yoghurt.


Banana Bread Bars

These one-bowl vegan easy banana bread bars are so simple to make, and taste amazing! Perfect for any time of the day. From The Whole Ingredient kitchen.


The Best Homemade Granola Recipe

From Julie’s Family Kitchen we have a delicious homemade granola, packed full of almonds, hazelnuts, linseeds and dried fruit. The perfect way to start the day.


Pecan and Date Spelt Breakfast Muffins

Healthier breakfast muffins, made with dates, pecan, carrot and banana, with a little maple syrup from Annie’s Dorset Kitchen.


Bacon and Cheddar Muffins

From This Little Home we have tasty bacon and cheddar muffins, a wholesome snack, ideal for picnics.


Eggless Chocolate Pancakes

These eggless pancakes are easy to prepare with very minimal ingredients. You can serve it with just drizzle of maple syrup and fresh berries too. To make it more indulgent ReshKitchen have included whipped cream and homemade chocolate sauce as well


Dairy Free Hot Cross Buns

These dairy free hot cross buns from The Hedge Combers kitchen are traditional in every way, except they won’t make you poorly if you’re lactose intolerant too.


Apple, Cinnamon & Maple Syrup Waffles

Apple, cinnamon & maple syrup waffles from Foodie Quine would make the perfect Mother’s Day breakfast or brunch.


Blueberry & Vanilla Hot Cross Bun French Toast

If you want to make Breakfast a bit special this blueberry & vanilla hot cross bun French toast will provide you with warmth and a culinary cuddle that will make you feel loved and cherished which is what weekends are all about no matter what the reason.


Blueberry, Basil, Sweet Potato Pancakes

These blueberry basil sweet potato pancakes are made with gram flour and baked, so they are not only delicious, but vegan, gluten-free and oil-free too. Thanks to The Whole Ingredient for sharing the recipe.


Creme Egg & Marshmallow Brioche Toastie

An indulgent toasted brioche sandwich filled with Cadbury creme eggs and mini marshmallows from the Penne For Your Thoughts kitchen.


Dairy and Egg Free Museli Muffins

Full of oats, fruits & seeds these little dairy & egg free museli muffins from The Peachicks’ Bakery are a great on-the go start to the day or mid-afternoon energy boost. Complete with grated dark chocolate and crunchy museli topping these make the perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee!


Cinnamon Apple Cake

This cinnamon apple cake from The Hedgecombers has all the elements of a darn good fruit cake: Moist, juicy and utterly moreish. Mmmm.


Malaysian Banana Pancakes

How about a lovely Malaysian banana pancake from Nava K to start your day or even for tea time?


Healthy Chocolate Porridge

Who doesn’t want a nutritious and delicious chocolate fix in the morning? Sweetened naturally and made using raw cacao powder and chia seeds this lovely healthy chocolate porridge is from Cook Bake Eat.


Blueberry & Chocolate Granola Muffins

From the Cook Bake Eat kitchen we have these delicious breakfast inspired blueberry & chocolate granola muffins that include granola mix, blueberries, chocolate drops, honey and nuts. Mmmm.


Fresh Strawberry Shake

Mmmm, ‘Bark Time’ has been whizzing up a fresh strawberry shake, with added grounded almonds and pinch of cinnamon.


Rhubarb Curd

Foodie Quine has been making a delicious rhubarb curd, and rhubarb gin!


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